Why should you start with branding. A walk through creation of visual identity.

All members of Justmighty are participating and not afraid of experiments.


Besides making great websites and online promoting we also in Justmighty do branding. In this blogpost I want to show you how it looks when client come to us for new visual identity.

We divide clients to categories by their needs:

  • client requires whole new brand including company name
  • client has company name and wants build new brand
  • client wants to rebrand old corporate image

I want to introduce you to brand building process in Justmighty. Newly created company enters market with new service. Company need new name and create a brand that will be sucessful and at the same time will be intelligible for customers.

Process of brand building:

  1. Workshop with client
  2. Research
  3. Inventing a new name
  4. Creating “feeling” around brand and logo
  5. Presentation and client involvement into process
  6. Finalization
  7. Handover to the client

1. Workshop

In Justmighty we like to make relationships with our clients. We want to know as much as possible about their work and even about their personal life. For this purpose we started this workshop concept. In workshop we get important informations about project in fun and friendly way. We do that at the start of process and is cornerstone of next steps. Building a brand is very personal and that’s why is important to make confidential relationship between our team and client. Workshop can attend more people, because it’s important to get more insights from different point of views. During workshops we ask clients a lot of questions about their work, their customers, how they feel about project, market status, competition and short thoughts about brand vision, objectives and values. Output of workshop is relationship with client and many pages with informations. This document is our guideline in building a brand. Workshop is about understanding clients needs.

Workshop with client

2. Research

After introduction workshop we write down and analyze all informations we got from client. Then is time to do research of market and competition. This process if very important, because it defines which way we should go in creating visual identity. From this research we set up moodboard. Moodboard is cornerstone for visual appearance of brand.  By creating moodboard we always overlap to different industries and we are not afraid of carry out experiments. Even for “boring” sphere we create attractive and fresh visual identity. Output of research is document that tell more about market and moodboard that is setting path for designers.

3. Creating a name

By playing with letters, words, languages and even getting inspired by history we create dozens names. We write them down on flipchart and members of our team vote for the best one. We apply name to communication tools, test pronunciation a test functionality. This process is very effective in most cases and pick up one winner name. The name only set up how could logo, colours and typography look. We involve every member of Justmighty into this procedure, because everyone’s point of view is important. Also we test how different people react to selected words. After we choose winner the name is used inside our team actively to get it under skin.  That’s how we find out if the name was chosen correctly.

4. Creating feeling around brand and logo

This is the most creative part of building brand. We try to capture work of whole team on camera. In this step, process is dividing into digital part and physical part. In digital part are logo, typography and colours being created. We have lot of sources, drafts and materials – digital and physical. We are not afraid to use unique materials characteristic for project, e.g. when we built brand for garden architects we had in office over 100 kilos of clay. It’s not problem for us to became employees of new company for a while. All Justmighty lives by creation of brand.

5. Presentation and client involvement into process

Main subject of presentation is video, which reveals name, logo, colours and typography. In next part we describe to client why we chose every single element. This is how we define feeling of the brand. Also we introduce brand in physical form, so client can imagine how the brand is going to work outside of computer screen. At the end of presentation we show “making of brand” video. It’s fun way to show client, that building a brand is not only about “drawing” logo, but that the process is long and not easy. After confirmation of the concept, we involve client into completion of brand.

6. Finalization

After we receive green light from the client, we start finishing the process. The output is brandbook, which describes how to use and apply brand in real life. Brandbook includes logo and approved implementation of it. Story behind meaning of brand. Next are colours, usually 2-3 main colours and some additional. We set how colours should be used in print and online materials. Typography is shown on examples from headings, quotation to paragraph text. Follows by correct application of brand for everyone that is going to work with new identity. Last but not least brandbook includes vision, mission and communication strategy.

7. Handover to the client

When is brandbook done and materials are ready for print we send all necessary informations about brand to the client. New visual identity is ready to launch into real world.