The year’s ending just as it should be or the party at Pablo

Well, we drank, we ate and had a really good time. Even five people can make a great Christmas party in the South-American style.


Even we, a small and a young firm, decided to through a Christmas party. Or rather a whole day that we spent together on December 18th, when we all met in the office and begun a small recapitulation of the entire past year.

And as Thomas is used to, he always prepares some original and a time-precise program. This time, he surprised us with an extensive presentation that took several minutes. After that, we all got some presents, so it was ok.

How was the year 2015

In the first part of the presentation we evaluated the entire year. I dare to say it was crucial for us. Those who met us know we like to do things our way and we also choose the way we assume to be the best (and we’re almost always right :D), but even we can make a mistake. This year, we learnt loads of new things.

Now we know how to jump between those spanners that are sometimes being thrown in our work. We improved in management and found out that team meetings are really important. We also found that the best ideas show up over a beer.

The second part of the presentation was focused on the future. I can’t tell you anything, but I think everyone can be looking forward to something. We’re full of energy, we have new ideas coming and we prepare lots of projects. We’re just about to show the people what we’re really capable of. And we’re even at Dribbble.

Last year was nice and quite successful, the year 2016 will be fabulous. You can read more about the 2015 summary here.

Just don’t get drunk

The presentation was over and everyone went home to get ready for the big Christmas party, which was to be at the Pablo EscoBar. We were quite lucky to even get a free table. After calling around ten bars, we didn’t even hope to find something in Brno. Eventually, it was the best choice and we can only recommend that place.

The party started in a calm spirit. We had a few beers, wines and most importantly, food. In Pablo, they have the best burgers in the world and we really stuffed our faces. Since we, the employees, received a Christmas present from our bosses, we decided to buy a little surprise for them, which you can see in the video. The party continued and the level of alcohol in our system rose enormously. No wonder since we mixed up beer with wine, cocktails and a few shots, that’s a deadly combination. Someone feels it less, someone more. ?

Around midnight we all agreed it was time to go back home otherwise it could turn out badly. Some of us protested and wanted to keep partying and some of us were even glad to manage to crawl up to bed.

The Christmas party rocked and there are 14 free days ahead of us. So we go to devote this time to our families.