The new Justmighty website or the shoemaker’s son

We’ve been working on that for over a year and we’re really proud of it


The new Justmighty websites have been the number one topic ever since the foundation of the firm. Yes, exactly. The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot. And he’s been barefoot for over a year. Why so and how did it end?

Three reasons it took us so long

We’re a team of perfectionists. Especially I consider to be a perfectionist myself. It’s a gift and a curse. Besides, do you know the feeling that once you do something for yourself, your attitude is completely different? We wanted a website that contained everything we offer. We wanted the perfect and genuine design, texts, photos, videos, regular activities and connection with online marketing. When offering our services, we wanted to be able to say: “Look at our website, that’s how it’s supposed to be”. This is one of the basic reasons why the creation of our website took more than a year. But it’s not that simple.

The second reason of such a prolonged work was the website’s difficulty. We were deciding between the classical ordinary website and the highly impressive one. Five to ten pages, few basic texts and emphasis on our portfolio. That’s the standard we can see all around us and in the foreign case studies. In fact, why not. The beauty lies in simplicity, people don’t read texts anyway and they care mostly about your results.

We’ve decided to take the other way – the way of the most complicated combination you can encounter while creating a website. It’s the combination of the image website and the SEO website. The image website is the one I’ve described above. Therefore a simple layout, few texts, loads of pictures. However the SEO website is the most convenient for the internet search tools and it’s the exact opposite to the previous type. Huge quantity of structured texts, loads of interconnected pages, links and so on. Creating a website that would suit both, the visitors and the internet search tools was a tough nut to crack.

The third reason was our full employment. Within those two years of making business we’ve been moving forward at the speed of a space rocket and we’ve carried increasing loads of work. Our clients keep us top busy and therefore there remains the minimum time for our own projects. And our clients come before us of course. Moreover, as it turned out over these few months, we haven’t really needed the website till now. We got plenty of contracts and we didn’t miss our website. We were missing the website over the past few days, when we wanted the firm’s presentation and the overall organization to move to a whole new level.

We hope the result of our more than a year work is obvious at first sight and we wanna go far with this new design. All the way across the sea.

How it went

It went slowly. But we’ve already said that. We started with so called “sitemap”. We defined what we wanted on our website and how we wanted to structure it. That’s the framework upon which we built it all. Creating the Sitemap took us around a day. The design, up until its final version, took unfortunately a year. We went through four different designs. At the first three designs, I always came to a dead end and started all over again. I won’t even post them here, I simply wasn’t content with them.

The fourth design was the good one. We’re not gonna lie and we’ll be honest with you, we were looking for inspiration anywhere we could. On foreign websites of the best case studies, on websites with an interesting technical layout and so on. Inspiration is important and it often makes the difference between a good and a bad project. Sometimes all you need is to be pushed in the right direction. (Please do not mistake the previous sentences with copying).

Lukáš Augusta continued with my designs, he made some hocus pocus and in a few months our website was born. Marco supervised the entire situation from an online marketing point of view. At the very end of the project realization, we took photos and videos, took even more photos and videos until we had everything photographed and taped. But I’m not going to jump into too much detail, you can read more about that in the article here.

The result and things worth mentioning

We are absolutely happy with the result. The design is clear, not too fussy and functional. The web is built on photos and a pure typography. Everything is laid on a horizontal and a vertical grid and it feels harmonious.

Throughout the entire website, you may find an intelligent online form, which sends us messages from the visitors. You can choose the topic you’d like to discuss and we descreetly indicate the financial price of our projects and services.

We’ve turned six of our projects into case studies, which are introduced in detail to our visitors. Other projects are being presented in a way of picture posts, which are connected with our social media profiles.

A great emphasis is also put on the Justmighty team members. Each one of us has its own profile to write and to take care of. We’ve also created a section called Our life, where you can find feeds from our personal Instagram. This way we try to get to our clients as close as possible for them to get the overall idea of us as humans and what we’re like, what we like to do and so on.

The website is of course fully responsive. Therefore, it looks good on a big screen, laptop, but even on tablets or cells.

No need to tell you more, go through the result yourself. And we’ll be thrilled if you write us your reaction in the contact form.