Unique webdesign that sells

Our web is nice, technically advanced, up to date, user friendly, but what’s more important, functional and conversion oriented.

Why our websites?

We don’t make 20 projects a month, but 20 projects a year. This way, we ensure our maximum attention with emphasis towards increasing sales.

We offer the complete range of services

All at once. We’ll create the webdesign, make our own photos and videos, encode the web, upload the content management system and webhosting and we’ll support it with internet marketing.

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Our projects make the set targets come true

Do you want to sell your product or service, gain e-mail addresses, raise awareness in the field, or introduce a new product? Each web needs its target for us to fulfill.

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We create unique webdesign and UX

We want people to understand the project thanks to its concrete website. For people to discover what the client tries to express in the most comfortable and the most natural way.

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Technologically advanced development

We use the latest and the most advanced methods, tools and software when creating desired design, websites, apps but we even use them in the following online marketing.

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Wordpress Content Management System

The vast majority of our web production is built upon the Worpress Content Management System. Wordpress offers its users a comfortable interface and an infinite number of useful functions.

Our Webs are SEO Prepared

Web creation is just the beginning. The real fun starts with internet marketing. All of our www pages rely on that and the web is therefore completely SEO ready (On-page).

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Look at the case study of our project for Perfect Slim.

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Flawless Web Creation

In order to maximize efficiency and minimize time-wasting, web creation requires certain process. The client is there to approve each individual step of the process.

  • Structure and Sitemap

    The map of the Web and the Individual Pages

    After signing the contract and paying the deposit fee, we begin the research phase, which means we examine the market situation in the field and the client’s competition. On the basis of our research, we create the layout and the web map. This sitemap clearly specifies the internal pages, subpages and its interconnection. Online promotion of the web is also something we take into account from the beginning of the web creation.

  • Webdesign

    Visual Aspect and UI of the Web

    Webdesign is the final appearance that everyone looks forward to. Its creation can surprisingly take quite a long time. We always keep up with the identity of the company and the design is often based upon the graphical manual (if there is none, we create a new, original webdesign). It expresses the firm’s nature, must be original, unforgettable and pleasant.

  • Launching at (our) Cloud Hosting

    General Introduction of the Web

    We launch the finished web at a good quality client’s hosting or we offer our own hosting place. However, we always insist on a good quality hosting with adequate speed and security. We launch the web for the general public once we’re 100% satisfied (even though our clients often require operational run that we usually refuse).

  • The Idea and Concept

    The Way Your Web is Supposed to Be

    Based on the meeting and communication with our client, we prepare the basic concept and idea about the web creation. Its layout, way of navigation, the nature of the web (playful or formal, dark or light, simple or decorated, etc). We’ll also define the time and financial aspects of the projects and we’ll introduce the complete project plan.

  • Wireframes

    Layout of the Web and Functionality

    The wireframe or the skeletal three-dimensional model (no one calls it that way) are the basic sets of images of the web, which display the layout of the web, the structure of individual parts and functionality of single elements. The wireframe is also the basis for making photos, videos and texts. We provide wireframes in digital or hand-drawn form.

  • Front-end & Back-end Development

    Converting Webdesign into Code

    A design after approval needs to be transformed into the language of internet browsers. The entire website is encoded (front-end) and set at the content management system (back-end). At this stage, the web is completed with the real content, animations and is definitively prepared for the final launching.

  • Testing & Optimization

    Processing Feedbacks and Statistics

    After the final launch of the project, it’s time to wait for the feedback. And yet we don’t mean the colleagues' or family members’ opinion! We mean the precise statistics of thousands of people’s behavior that provide us with their natural behavior on the web that we keep track of in detail. We later optimize the webdesign on the basis of these statistics.

Creative Webdesign

Our greatest passion. An authentic creation of webs, of a beautiful modern design, whose target is to turn visitors into customers.

Webdesign Guides Users toward goals!

The fact concerning reaching the target is so important, we even used it as our unique headline. And that means something! In the past (unfortunately even now) webs used to be made just to exist. Their purpose was moreover to represent. However; that’s, in most cases, just useless. Each business or project seeks a specific goal. That can be sale, gathering of e-mail addresses, data collection or raising public awareness. We pay our maximum attention towards customization of the web to fulfill the target.

1. Setting the Target

Specify the target of your project (have we mentioned it way too much?). If you’re not sure, we’ll help you with that.

2. Find the People

(Let’s) define the target group you’d like to approach. We’ll look into the matter to see how to do it.

3. Bring the People Along

Now we can bring along those people who want to and who are relevant to you. For that, we’ll use the internet marketing.

4. Fulfill the Target

After arrival of the right people to your web, let’s fulfill the targets we set earlier. Let’s sell those people something.

Website and User Experience Production

Unique User Experience (UX)

The high quality of the User Experience can be reached by the combination of several factors. First of all, it’s the appearance and the overall feeling about the web itself. Next, it’s the functionality of the web and last but not least, the business side of the entire project. We create webs in order to reach the highest standard of User Experience and we’re really good at it.

Creative Web Has High Conversions

Conversion (Fulfilling the Target)

Conversion is the most important aspect in pointing out the web quality. Above, I wrote that everything concerns aiming for the target. Reaching conversion itself is fulfillment of the target. The meaning of conversion is turning visitors into customers. Conversion therefore tells us what percentage of visitors fulfilled our target (e.g. purchase) and informs us about the web quality.

Webdesign Brno – Harmony of Web Graphic Design

Grid System and Harmony

Eyes like mathematical precision. We don’t feel it on purpose, however geometrically precise graphics subconsciously make us feel better and more harmonious. The Grid System we use assures precise work concerning size, gaps, and fonts on both horizontal and vertical lines. At the same time, we solve the responsivity of the web, which secures the functionality of the web at every device. Go through our web, feel every detail since even our web is set on the precise grid.

Websites with Responsive Design

Fully Responsive Design

Did you know that around 50% of the web visits happens through tablets and smartphones? Furthermore, it’s a fact that e.g. Google search disadvantages webs that’re not ready for these devices. Responsive design adjusts the web’s content for the device on which you view it. The design differs on smartphone, tablet or a big screen. You can always ensure the maximum user experience for each visitor (Can you see the connection?).

Development (Front-end & Back-end)

Whatever we draw needs to be brought into a good quality code. Believe us, that’s not always easy. However, we use the latest tools and know-how.

We use the latest technologies (and abbreviations no one understands)

Front-end - HTML5, BEM, OOCSS, SASS, Schema, Microdata, Semantic markup, Javascript, jQuery, React

Back-end - PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Node.js, MongoDB

Hosting & Performance - Digital Ocean, Nginx, XCache, CDN, Monitoring

Web Apps Production in Brno

SEO (Who can’t be found, doesn’t exist).

A good quality website optimization is the foundation each successful entrepreneur should work with. If you need a plumber, what will you do?

On-Page SEO

SEO has two parts (on-page and off-page). The web itself creates the first part. It’s the layout, encoding and a good quality text and media content. All of our websites fulfill all of the required on-page factors. The second part concerns the regular online promotion.

Webdesign Optimization for Search Engines


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