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Social media administration

People do not use media only to have fun or find information but mainly to present a positive image of themselves. Gain the most precious commodity - their attention and build your image with the help of your company profiles. They will be eager to follow you. We will be happy to help you with all this.

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Description of the service

Social media management made by Justmighty

Without a goal there is no beginning

Building brand awareness, increasing sales or just entertainment for the target audience. Every client has different expectations and needs from the social media. We keep this in mind and communicate with their followers according to the defined goals.

Hand in hand with a marketing strategy

We think of social media management in a conceptual and strategic way. We create content that corresponds with the marketing strategy and complements other corporate activities. For example, we know exactly, as well as you do, that we know exactly what we will be publishing in three months.

Content that fans will not skip

Standing out from the incessant flood of posts is often a difficult task. On the social media we "trade" in a very precious commodity: people's attention. We entertain your fans and give them some added value.

One content, multiple channels

Every social medium has its specifics requiring different content format. Why not use a video made primarily for Facebook on YouTube as well? Or why not use great pics on the Instagram profile also on a company blog or in a PR output?

Why communicate on social media

Customer within your reach

Nowhere are you so close to your customers as you are on the social media. You can communicate with your fans daily and build a good relationship which impacts on the brand perception.


Nowadays communication on social media is the fastest method. Let's take Twitter as an example. It is used as a source of the latest news.

Péče o klienty
Péče o klienty

Company's business card

Communication on social media often tells more about your company than its website. Customers can read your opinions, your attitude to problems and that you are people.

Recruitment tool

Are you a great team and your employees are proud to be a part of it? A well-designed presentation in the media will address exactly those future employees who will fit in.


We took a ride on online marketing with nextbike.

I want to see this

Sustainability & sharing. You will simply love the key ingredients of this branding project.

I want to see this

Find harmony - in the middle of your garden. And when you visit the site.

I want to see this

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3 simple steps toward great social media


Social workshop


Creating content


Daily check


Social workshop

We want to get to know you at all costs. It is an intense meeting taking several hours. You tell your story and we listen attentively and write everything down. Then we define your goals together, analyse your business and propose what to do next.

Benefit for you

  • We find out right from the start if the chemistry between us works. It is absolutely vital.
  • We assess whether a presentation on the social media is just the job for you.
  • We get to know your company, how it runs and thinks. The same goes for your competitors and customers.

Creating content

Once we have agreed everything we will prepare a strategy for the whole year, break it down to monthly plans and start creating. We shoot, take pictures and write. We get the most of any topic.

Benefit for you

  • The plan will go hand in hand with your other activities.
  • We take care of shooting, photos and copywriting. You will know exactly what will be communicated and when.
  • We will take care of everything. All you will have to do is greenlight the posts.

Daily follow-ups

We communicate with your fans, we are always on our toes and online for you. We create, write, publish and build the community around your brand with you. Every month we send reports to our clients with an evaluation of our joint effort.

Benefit for you

  • You will be always updated about how the communication on social media is doing.
  • We can quickly evaluate what works and what should be ditched.
  • You will be a part of the process and everyday communication. If this is what you want.

Why do it with Justmighty

We are your partners

We are aware that the success of Justmighty depends on our clients' success and vice versa. This is why we give you ideas about how to move on with your project.

We are strategic thinkers

Projects without a plan have no chance of succeeding. We are aware of this and this is why we think strategically. Everything is driven by the goals.

We enjoy our work

We never stop working on ourselves and developing. We enjoy our work and believe that it tells. See for yourself.

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