If you’re selling a product online and I can’t find your page at the top of the Google search, I’ll never buy anything from you.

What’s optimization for search engines?

SEO is a service that ensures that thanks to certain keywords, your web will be placed among the first results of the internet search engines.

It’s the 21st century and if people need something, they don’t go to the library or call the information service. People open up an internet search tool and thanks to the keywords, they search for what they need. A logical consequence of this fact is a situation when firms are interested in having their products easily traceable. Search engine optimization is therefore a must for every entrepreneur (with only a few exceptions).

Thanks to our help, a entrepreneur chooses a set of keywords, that define his project, and thanks to which people could search for his products (SEO analysis). Our task is further web-site optimization and placement of the project at the top places in the searching tools.

In fact, it’s very simple (no, it’s not, we only know how to explain it well). We divide SEO into two parts. The first part is the way of how the pages are created. There is a set of parameters that the web must follow. When the Google algorithm goes through the web, it likes it and supports it. That’s what we call On-page and it’s part of the web creation. The other part, so called Off-page, contains more regular activities, when we use our tools to move the web up to the top of the search. Not to mention, one part can’t work without the other.

Why you need SEO?

Believe us, you need it. It’s an absolute must for an online promotion and the marketing as such. And no, SEO analysis is not enough.

You’ll get higher number of visitors and buyers on your page

A logical consequence of all the online campaigns is an increase of visitors on your page and therefore an increase in sales of your product or service. Search engine optimization ensures this thanks to showing your results at the top places people use the most.

The cheapest way to bring in a relative turnout

In the long run, SEO is the cheapest way of online promotion. It doesn’t ensure the highest number of visitors (this is ensured by various types of PPC much better), but you should consider the value for money. Over time, you reach much better results for the same price.

Organic, relevant people, who are interested in your product

Organic visitors (people coming from an internet search tool) are the high-quality one. These people have the best statistics and buy the most. We use SEO in order to target the key words that are relevant for yourbusinessand this way we bring you only the people who are really interested in you, or rather those you’re really interested in.

High conversion rates in comparison to other campaigns

People come from the search engines and buy the most. Why? What do you do when you look for a holiday? You ask Google “Flight holiday Greece”. You check out the first five results and you choose your trip. The first four firms win and everybody’s happy.

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SEO vs. PPC (they work the best together)

SEO and PPC have the same target. To ensure the highest visits and conversion of your web. But both tools are very different. That’s why together they work the best.


  • Search engine optimization is a relatively cheap way of gaining relative visits and gain authority in the field.

  • High conversion rate comes from the search tools. These people generally buy more and are interested.

  • It’s not a paid commercial. Your web will be one of the results (or more results) of the search. Visitors will trust you more.

  • SEO campaign gets set, its targets get defined (keywords) and the goal fulfills. In the long run, you can make small changes, add words, edit content and more, otherwise the campaign is relatively consistent.

  • It takes around 1-3 months before we reach the first results (and even this dry period costs money). You also can’t precisely measure the effectivity, all you get is relatively precise estimates.


  • In the long run, it is more expensive than SEO, but the financial difficulty can be dynamically changed over time. For example, one month you invest more, another one less.

  • Conversion is a little lower than with SEO (probably by half), but we get higher number of visitors and the project is more visible.

  • It is a paid commercial and it’s defined that way (even though people often try not to look at it that way). There are more possibilities concerning the form of the spot.

  • There are loads of types of PPC campaigns, each one has different attributes and goals. They can be changed within days or weeks. They can be enlarged, stopped, etc. The reaction is immediate and there are no time gaps.

  • Launching a PPC campaign is almost immediate. It’s usually being used while starting the SEO and onto the specific targets that are conversion friendly. The parameters can be dynamically changed over time.

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