PPC campaigns ensure intended visits

PPC advertising (advertising paid per click) is one of the basic ways how to bring a high number of visitors from your target group.

What is the PPC advertising (pay per click)

It is advertising where you (only) pay per each person that comes on your web-site. You basically buy the relevant visitors.

If you want to have a prosperous internet site that gains you clients or you have an e-shop, an online paid advertising is something you can’t do without. It’s an effective tool that enables you working quickly anytime, you can adjust it according to the current situation (time and financial) and you can use it irregularly. It’s a tool that knows how to sell.

The abbreviation PPC (pay-per-click) defines advertising, where you pay per click. It’s the advertisement that shows up to users of different target groups (through keywords, their facebook profiles, etc.) on the internet and you pay only in the case users click on the spot.

Why you need guidance of the PPC campaign?

Once you have an e-shop or a selling website, an online paid advertisement is just another form of promotion. What’s great is that you’re the one in charge of the costs.

You are the one in charge of the total cost

The amount of money you invest into PPC is up to you. Of course we’ll gladly give you recommendations according to the market analysis as well as recommendations concerning the regular minimum and we can suggest various phases of the campaign. All we ask for is an adequate provision from the invested amount of money and nothing more.

The campaign starts immediately and you sell right away

Except for other tools of the internet marketing, such as SEO (which starts within 3 months approximately), start of the PPC campaign is immediate. You load the money, specialists turn on the advertisement spots and people start visiting your web right away and you sell online immediately.

Dynamická kontrola nad penězi v čase

PPC campaigns can be very easily and dynamically controlled and optimized. You can stop it anytime, load up, decrease or increase the limits, etc. You’re able to react immediately towards the people’s behavior, needs of your business or seasonality of your sales. No other marketing tool can offer you that.

More platforms and possibilities to gain the target groups

Advertisement spots can be found all around you. The most popular ones can be seen at google search, while browsing the Facebook or as a paid commercial In the form of a graphic banners at various websites. Each platform uses different ways of targeting and your financial strength can be well-divided.

Write us for guidance and optimization of PPC

What kind of PPC do we use?

PPC advertisement can be launched at various platforms. Each of them has different ways of targeting and different characteristics. This helps us reach the optimal power division.

Google AdWords

Google is the basic platform for advertisement and requires management of the PPC campaign. Ads can be shown in the search results and act almost like organic search results, but they are tagged as an ad. You can also find a net of thematically similar webs. In order to gain clients, we use keywords, similarly to theSEO optimization. The more general and common word, the more competition and the higher the price per 1 click. Google AdWords reaches high rates of success (conversion) and are a safe bet, if the ad optimization works.

PPC and Google AdWords Management
PPC Specialist on Facebook Campaigns Management


Where else should you promote you project than on the biggest social network in the world. Facebook offers the possibility of PPC spots, that are shown to the users as links on their Timeline and that are sometimes hard to differ from the non-commercial ones. Paid advertisement on Facebook has a very precise targeting. A specialist can target according to the information on the profiles of the users, therefore age, sex, location, education, hobbies and a combination of these parameters. For example, if you’re a local, luxurious hairdressing salon for women, you can show your ad only to women ageing 23 – 70 years, with university education and location within 50 kilometers far from you.


Did it ever happen to you that you were looking for a new lawn mower and for the next 14 days you could see ads for lawn mowers all across the internet? That’s retargeting. Unfortunately, my university professor experienced this with sex toys. She was browsing the internet on her computer in front of the entire class and I managed to count at least 5 of these ads. Most of the users coming to your web can be sort of captured for a certain period of time and shown the ad we want almost everywhere. And we can also show a different ad for those who came all the way to the basket and for those who just reached your homepage. In this step, a regular optimization and management of your campaign is very important.

Optimization and PPC retargeting
Paid ads possibilities in Brno

Other specific examples

What we described above, that’s the general basics that can be applied to almost every project. Focusing on the people who search on Google, capture them on the biggest social media and remind them additionally. That’s a mix that really works. But of course, there are many other possibilities and they differ project to project. You can use other social media, specified webs and so much more. Contact us, and we’ll create a PPC campaign management suited just to your needs.

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