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Touch your customers' hearts and leave emotions in them, they will remember. Photos and videos will perfectly complement your visual identity and will show your website to good advantage. They are a part of the online world, be it in the form of regular content on social media or performance campaigns. Your products and services deserve a high quality presentation.

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Description of the service

Photo and video made by Justmighty

The way you are

We create photo and video content in a way that fits into the key visual and the overall communication of your company. We do not try to make brands something they are not. An honest and true presentation of your company, products and services is always the best way.

We work with the content over a long time

We think conceptually and with a long-term perspective. For example, when we work on a new website the photos and videos are not made only for this purpose. We continue to work with all the content in offline marketing or on social media.

To the ends of the world

Would you like to shoot your campaign at Stonehenge or make photos on a Greek beach? Our production team has absolutely no problem travelling. We will find and secure the right shooting location for you anywhere in the world.

Tailored to your customers

We follow the latest trends and at the beginning of each project we test how the spot will work on the target group and how they will respond. We research how the video will perform both online and offline.

Why are photos and videos so important


Customers buy with their eyes. Nowadays you often have no more than a few seconds to get their attention. This is true both offline and, even more so, on the internet.


Photobanks are out. They appear forced and untrustworthy. You can better address your customers with authentic photos of your products, staff and premises.

Péče o klienty
Péče o klienty


Nothing sells better than emotions. We will capture the feelings you inspire in people and we will transform them into your company videos and product and image pictures.


We will tell your story in a way that everybody understands and identifies with it. One video tells more than a thousand words. It is a cliché but, believe it or not, it works.


We took a ride on online marketing with nextbike.

I want to see this

Sustainability & sharing. You will simply love the key ingredients of this branding project.

I want to see this

Find harmony - in the middle of your garden. And when you visit the site.

I want to see this

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3 simple steps toward great photos and video


Initial workshop


Creative concept


Working on the location, post production and delivery


Initial workshop

First of all we will meet you to talk about your business. We will discuss everything that is important - what characterises you, what you want to shoot and why. We will evaluate the existing company presentation and find out what the possibilities are.

Benefit for you

  • We will get to know you and you us. We will not create video and photo concepts at random.
  • You will see if we speak the same language and if you want to work together with us.
  • We will agree on the next steps and a precise timetable.

Creative concept

First we will prepare the theme, script and storyboard. As soon as everything has been agreed we will get down to work on the production. We will begin to prepare, plan, hire actors and models and secure locations. You do not need to take care of anything unless you want to.

Benefit for you

  • We are happy if we have your trust but you can definitely discuss the plan with us.
  • Thanks to a graphic storyboard you will get an idea how your videos and photos will look.
  • You have full control over everything. Nothing important happens without your knowledge.

Working on the location, post production and delivery

Let's do it. As soon as we are happy with the photos or footage we begin the postproduction. This is the moment when the key part of the process begins. Photos and videos are adjusted so that they work on all channels and in all formats.

Benefit for you

  • At this moment you do not need to worry about anything. Just sit back and look forward to the outcome.
  • Videos are shot in a way that works on all your chosen platforms.
  • Are you happy? You may have just found an agency for further cooperation.

Why do it with Justmighty

We are your partners

We are aware that the success of Justmighty depends on our clients' success and vice versa. This is why we give you ideas about how to move on with your project.

We are strategic thinkers

Projects without a plan have no chance of succeeding. We are aware of this and this is why we think strategically. Everything is driven by the goals.

We enjoy our work

We never stop working on ourselves and developing. We enjoy our work and believe that it tells. See for yourself.

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