Online marketing & internet promotion

Internet marketing is actually a must nowadays. Unlike other campaigns, it offers precise statistics and control.

How do we do the internet marketing?

Well of course, we can’t tell you that, but we can show you a draft of the realization that undergoes the specific process in online marketing.

  • Create a Website

    The web is a 50% success

    As soon as we know what we want to promote, we start to create the website. It’s the base that holds the entire campaign. Online marketing will bring you new visitors, but only a good web can turn them into real customers (that’s what we call conversion). In simple terms, web makes up to 50% of the entire online campaign.

  • Testing & Analysis

    At first, we gain the statistical data

    Launching a campaign is just the beginning. The first days of online marketing (and its expenditures) are there for (except for increasing the sales) collecting statistical data about the customers’ behavior. The way they respond to different ads, how they act on the website and an overall rate of success of various campaigns (we often launch campaigns that compete with each other in order to find out which one of them is more successful and we move on).

  • Research

    Exploring your Product and Competition

    First of all, we have to get to know your product well. We need to find the target group and your position on the market. We have to look at the competition in the field and at the internet marketing your competitors use. On the basis of these findings, we set the keywords and define the target group (and that’s not all☺)

  • Launching the Campaign

    We set and launch the entire campaign

    We agree on the ideal division of resources and powers for the different online marketing tools on the basis of the market analysis (step one) and then we set those different campaigns and launch them according to the needs. We’re speaking about SEO (search engines optimization), PPC ads (Google Adwords, Facebook, Retargeting and more), and also about the possibilities such as E-mail marketing, Social marketing, Affiliate and others.

  • Optimization

    Making the Data Efficient

    A few days after launching the campaign, we already have the sufficient number of statistical data on the basis of which we can optimize the campaign. We adjust the content and the visual form and we reassess the financial resources among the different channels in order to increase the overall system efficiency.

We’re working on the internet marketing case study. Coming soon.

Adjusting of the Online Campaign

According to your project needs, we adjust the optimal mix of online tools, which allows us the most efficient usage of resources and overall potential.

At the beginning of the entire process, we carry out a research, which serves as a tool for gaining relevant data for the primary online campaign setting. We analyze the general market situation and we examine the competitor’s behavior. In accordance to the results we suggest the ongoing of your future campaign.

We’re dealing here with the selection of promotional tools and channels and the optimal time and quantitative distribution of financial resources among those tools. SEO analysis defines the key words, and that’s where we usually start. After that, we estimate the optimal PPC budget and the visual shape of the PPC campaigns.

SEO (Search Engine Oprimization)

It is the efficient internet ad, due to which the customers will be able to find you through search engines, such as Google search. After typing your relevant key words, you’ll be among the first results of the search.

For example, if you offer anti-blemish cosmetics, all you need to do is type the phrase “anti-blemish solution” or “blemishes treatment” and your web will show up among the first ones. We won’t tell you how we do it, but you can read more about SEO.

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Advertising on the internet

PPC (Pay per click ads)

It is an online marketing of showing ads online (graphics or text) where you pay per each visitor that clicks on the ad. Therefore, you only pay for relevant visitors. There are various types of PPC campaigns.

Facebook - Thanks to the information in the users’ profiles you can clearly define the target group that should see your ad while browsing Facebook.

Google Adwords - An internet ad that offers two options. It can act as a similar result of searching or it can be viewed at thematically specified websites.

Retargeting - Kampaň, která zpětně honí návštěvníka Vašich webových stránek a snaží se ho získat zpět.

Other - There are actually many types of PPC advertising. Let us know, we’ll help you choose the best one for you.

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Affiliate Promotion

This is a performance-related promotion on the internet based on provision from sales of the products through affiliated websites. We will gladly ensure the management of the entire affiliate campaign or we become your affiliated partner. We have our own affiliate projects, such as Amazon.

E-mail Marketing

Do you dispose of a huge client database and you want to approach them? Or do you want to create such a database? Concerning e-mail marketing, we proceed carefully, responsively and nonaggressive. We want the client to feel good about the e-mails. We’ll help you with content, form, technology and the frequency of sending.

Social Marketing

A very few people know how to do it. For some, Facebook is the only tool for internet marketing to use. We say, social media are only a SUPPORTING tool for communication with people and for the presentation of the company. Nowadays, even big corporations are using social media as a communication channel.

Testing & Optimization

According to the analysis results, based on thousands of visitors, we optimize online campaigns in order to use all the resources as much as possible.

An absolute must, yet very often neglected phase of the campaign. Each visitor of the site costs quite a lot of money and we try to use the resources in the most efficient way. We can say that the campaigns we run are becoming cheaper and more efficient over time. How do we do that?

We use a whole range of analytic tools. And we don’t mean adding Google Analytics into the code. We analyze standard values such as visit rate, how people behave on the site, what they click on, where they scroll down and how long and where they’re on the site plus where they came from and much much more.

Analytical tools for marketing campaign evaluation


We control the basic statistical data such as the visit rate, how much time people spend on the site, the users flow, conversion and more. We gain precise data that can use to determine the success of the site and campaigns. For real behavior and the way of viewing the site, there are other tools though.

Measuring the success rate of different sources of turnout

Traffic Tracking

Thanks to the correct use of accessible tools for internet marketing, we’re able to give a new dimension to any campaign. Evaluation of each conversion doesn’t end at the different channel but starts at the lowest level of the campaign, where there are various spots or key words at each group of ads.

Watching the conversions and users’ behavior

Heat Maps

Heat maps capture the precise behavior of users on the web. It focuses especially on the areas people click on, way of their scrolling on the web and more. Therefore, internet promotion ensures statistics of thousands of users and we know precisely, which buttons are popular, where people stop or where they only hardly get. According to this knowledge, we can make adjustments that lead towards an increasing efficiency of the website.

Optimization of marketing campaigns and testing

Split Testing

Did you know that different people can be shown different pages? For instance 50% of users will see one version and the other 50% another. This way, we can test more design and technical solutions simultaneously and thanks to the analytical tools, we can find out which of them is more efficient. For example, incoming male visitors can be shown a different web than incoming female visitors.

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