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Existuje široce sdílená představa, že psaní je hra se slovy. Opravdu dobré texty přitom vznikají spíš hraním si s úhlem pohledu. Tvoříme pro vás úderné webcopy a texty na sociální sítě, co pobaví. Inspirujeme vás blogovými články a slogany, které se nesmazatelně vryjí do paměti. Na míru vaší cílové skupině. Tasíme tužky a pera – co pro vás můžeme napsat?

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Copywriting made by Justmighty

We tell your story

People love stories. Since the year dot. Each of us has our own unique life story - brands included. After all, our thoughts and experiences are organised as stories. Just tell your story and your customers will listen to you intently.

We are easy to understand

People read websites differently from printed matter, on the internet they scan the text with their eyes. This is why information is served to your customer in the briefest format possible. As George Orwell said: "If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out."

We communicate in a uniform way

We speak the same language across all communication channels. At the beginning of cooperation we always define the communication strategy, the content strategy and define the brand archetype that best corresponds with your nature. And we stick to them. Tooth and nail.

We are absolutely meticulous

Not only the selection of words matters but also their order. We refine our texts in terms of meaning, styling and grammar. Before our texts first see the light of day they are proofread by our implacable language editor.

Why is copywriting important


You will not impart emotions in your advertisements by using colours, shapes, typography, illustrations and pictures alone, but by using other means of expression that are as old as humanity itself - words.


Some words destruct life, others create it. Open communication is the cornerstone of good and functioning human relationships. Communication of your brand is of no less importance.

Péče o klienty
Péče o klienty


Your texts should have a positive spirit and inspire trust in your target group. We will take care of this and will create persuasive texts that sell.


Hundreds of advertisements compete for our attention every day. If your texts are not captivating, entertaining and well structured they may go unnoticed.


We took a ride on online marketing with nextbike.

I want to see this

Sustainability & sharing. You will simply love the key ingredients of this branding project.

I want to see this

Find harmony - in the middle of your garden. And when you visit the site.

I want to see this

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3 simple steps toward great copywriting


Initial workshop


Creating communication and content strategy


Writing and more writing (and proofreading)


Initial workshop

In order to write well we need to know how to ask questions. We want to get to know you, your product and your customers really intimately. This is why we hold the initial workshop. We will question you and you may even learn things about yourselves that you had no idea about.

Benefit for you

  • We will tune to the same wavelength. You will give us all the information we need.
  • You will get to know your copywriter in person and you will be able to guide them in the right direction.
  • All you then need to do is provide us with draft materials and we will know what to do with them. At this point we will have got to know you.

Creating communication and content strategy

Writing is only a small part of the copywriter's job. It is preceded by looking for inspiration, detailed research into the topic, materials and SEO analysis. Based on this the general communication strategy of the brand is defined along with the specific content strategy for individual channels.

Benefit for you

  • Our writing does not depend on which side of the bed we got out of that day. We communicate consistently.
  • Thanks to a uniform and thought-out line people will easily connect your activities in their minds.
  • You can always go back to the strategy and communication manual and use it as a reference.

Writing and more writing (and proofreading)

We compose letters into words and words into sentences. The longer we write for you the better we are. When we have known you for some time we do not need long explanations. We write from your heart. All the texts we deliver have undergone language and grammar proofreading.

Benefit for you

  • Our texts are optimised for search engines, They are "SEO ready".
  • We guarantee that the texts we deliver are correct both stylistically and gramatically.
  • We use various instruments to measure the content performance and improve it accordingly.

Why do it with Justmighty

We are your partners

We are aware that the success of Justmighty depends on our clients' success and vice versa. This is why we give you ideas about how to move on with your project.

We are strategic thinkers

Projects without a plan have no chance of succeeding. We are aware of this and this is why we think strategically. Everything is driven by the goals.

We enjoy our work

We never stop working on ourselves and developing. We enjoy our work and believe that it tells. See for yourself.

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