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Corporate identity is not just a uniform visual style. Your customers perceive your company through every word used on the website, with each answered phone, in each e-mail and social media post. This is why uniform communication through all channels is as important as your logo or colours.

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Brand communication made by Justmighty

Together we define your vision

No matter if you are an owner or marketing director, you know the direction in which the company is headed in the long run. Do all your colleagues and customers know this? In order to fulfil a vision they all need to be aware of it and strive to fulfil it. It is the reason why we will help you to define it.

We will define achievable goals for the near future

A vision is valid for several years. This is why it is important to set short-term goals as milestones and submit everything to them. Defining a mission and vision will help you to define the corporate strategy as well as the fundamental communication..

We will define your values

All acts of man are driven by their values. The same goes, or should go, for corporations. Following an intensive workshop we will identify them together to make sure that your customers recognise them in the communication and identify with them.

We will define your brand positioning

Based on this we will define a communication tone that will be close to you and will capture your character. We will use examples to demonstrate how your company should communicate in various situations and what you should avoid. We will lay the foundations of the company communication image.

Why is the brand communication important

Communicating vessels

Brand identity consists of two parts: visual and communication. Pay attention to both if you want consistent and, above all, effective communication.

Defining the goal

The most important thing you should find in the communication manual is a clear definition of what you want to achieve in your business. You have to make this clear to your clients.

Péče o klienty
Péče o klienty

Easy to remember

All of us are being flooded by hundreds of advertisements every day. You have only a few seconds to capture people's attention and therefore every word you use decides about your success or failure.

Building trust

Nowadays, customers have much more choice and are far less loyal. Communication based on clear values is the basis for building a long-lasting relationship.


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Sustainability & sharing. You will simply love the key ingredients of this branding project.

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Find harmony - in the middle of your garden. And when you visit the site.

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3 simple steps toward great brand communication


Communication workshop


Creating a communication manual


Further work with the manual


Communication workshop

At the workshop we will combine various time-tested methods to identify your goals, visions and plans. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses. Based on unique characteristics, attributes and values we will define the position of your brand.

Benefit for you

  • We are open-minded and able to clearly address things that you may only suspect.
  • Are you at a loss how to find an apt and easy to remember name? We will find it for you.
  • At the workshop we will create minutely elaborated personas of your typical customers.

Creating a communication manual

Thanks to the workshop we have got to know and understand you. In the next step we will create your communication manual, define the marketing archetype, choose the correct communication tone and recommend communication channels providing recommendations for working with them.

Benefit for you

  • We will find a model that characterises you, a suitable archetype.
  • The manual includes specific cases, instructions for communication and things to be avoided.
  • You can use your communication manual as a reference any time. Everything is there, in black and white.

Further work with the manual

The communication manual is not the end of the job. At this moment we can launch into creating the marketing strategy that will define the creative line for the next period and create specific content plans for social media, blogs or PR activities.

Benefit for you

  • If you all speak in the same way, your brand will be easy to remember.
  • On the basis of the communication manual we will prepare your marketing strategy.
  • Thanks to the communication manual you do not need to worry that your communication will be a "dog's dinner"..

Why do it with Justmighty

We are your partners

We are aware that the success of Justmighty depends on our clients' success and vice versa. This is why we give you ideas about how to move on with your project.

We are strategic thinkers

Projects without a plan have no chance of succeeding. We are aware of this and this is why we think strategically. Everything is driven by the goals.

We enjoy our work

We never stop working on ourselves and developing. We enjoy our work and believe that it tells. See for yourself.

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