Branding that gives projects soul

The way you present yourself, the identity of your company and the way people perceive you, begins with the visual aspect of your materials, print, website etc. Don’t underestimate that.

What’s branding and visual identity?

People are simple. They judge according to an appearance. Don’t give them a chance to misjudge the indentity of your company and make them remember you.

Unified visual style, visual presentation, branding, visual identity, graphic manual, that’s all the same and everyone calls it differently. What’s important is that the meaning stands for the way a company presents itself on the outside and the inside, based on the visual form of the materials it uses. The goal of branding is to distinguish the company from others.

Branding should define the firm and express its nature. In practice, once I get any firm’s material or I see a commercial spot, I must link it with the firm. Logo is the basis, but the firm’s identity is much more than that. The identity is a set of various elements that ensure the final, unified visual style and corporate identity.

Logo & Color palett

Logo and Colors are the basis of every brand. And since it’s the basis, we also need to look at it that way. We think about stuff and everything we do has its purpose and philosophy (don’t expect a globe named Global).

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Writing & Icons

Did I just say that logo and colors are the basis? But writing and icons are the basis too. Visual identity can be based simply upon the typography itself and icons are the clear completion of not just a webdesign.

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Illustration & drawing

We love to draw. Our illustrations often breathe life into the visual presentation of a firm. Illustrations look great on the web and in the print. They’re also easy to remember and present the firm’s identity.

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Merchandise & Print

Graphic manual, logotype, letterhead, pencils, cups, hats, catalogues, booklets, vehicle fleet, gifts. All of that can be part of the branding that we create for you.

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Why the unified visual style from us?

We get to know you and we reflect the spirit of your project into the new, unified visual style with respect to the least details.

Branding With a Sense for Detail

Sense for detail

We do things with precision

We play around with the design we make. We don’t settle for the average and everything has to be so called Pixel Perfect. We set our designs onto the grid and we get back to them until we’re 100%s happy. Our designs are tuned.

Identity of the Firm and its Philosophy Reflection

Reflection of the firm’s philosophy

We give your brand soul

Each firm is different, every project has different purpose and this unique elementary nature also has to be shown by the visual presentation. And it doesn’t mean that a real estate agency has a house in its logo or a non-profit organization a green-brown brand, etc. We dig deeper and we avoid stereotypes.

Harmonious and Consistent Visual Identity of the Firm

Harmony & Consistency

Unity across materials

Our entire branding set is unified across all of the materials. Logo, colors, print, web, all of that works together and is visually unified and every single piece can be infallibly connected to the given project. All of the elements harmonize and complement each other.

Logotype & color palette

Everyone asks us to create them a logo. But what they really need is branding. Logo is just one (very important) part of the united visual style.

We create logos with mathematical and geometrical precision

We’re no barbarians to quickly draw something and pass it to the client in 20 minutes. Creating a logo is nothing easy, we prefer quality and precision which makes us use the math (yuk!).

When creating a logo, we like to use some basic geometric elements, such as circles, squares, straight lines, etc. This way, the single parts of the logo are specified in a given proportion also with the typography. A harmonious look for the human eye is our reward. However, hand drawn logos might be an exception.

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Logo Design and Creation
Color Palette for Unified Visual Style

Roses are red, violets are blue and our corporate identity is cool!

The easiest way to express a firm identity is through colors. Although, we try to avoid stereotypes and dig a little bit deeper. We look for associations that others might miss. We prefer simplicity and moderation. Not that we don’t know how to let it all hang out, but those Tuti-Frutti visuals we see all around us seem to be a little fussy. Two colors can look just as good.

Check out one of our case studies for Šmeral Brno corp.

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Writing & Icons

A beautiful typography is what makes the difference between a good and a bad brand. It’s often the key element that defines the style. All you need is a few icons and you win.

The writing and typography is the basis for a graphic design, which was used even by the monks in the Middle Ages. It is the cornerstone of every good design. Believe it or not, but the writing can express the nature of the project better than anything else. The writing can be playful, formal, plain, or decorative. You can combine different writings between each other and you can create your own.

Icons are a symbolic expression of the basic elements of your project. The entire visual identity, including the web and an internet commercial, brightens up and the icons complete the different elements. What we usually do is  that as a part of the branding, we create a set of icons that reflect your business and we work with those throughout the materials.


We have our specific style, which leaves our illustrations with obvious elements of handwork even in the digital form.

Our illustrations have style and a typical look. If you like our two examples in form of the time-lapse video under the text or the picture and its transformation into the digital look, we will love to draw up something for you. We always draw everything by hand and then we transform it also by hand (Wacom) into the digital form. We always draw in vectors, therefore in unlimited size or resolution. And what’s more important, that allows us to change the illustration as quick as possible. Do you want the green T-shirt to be blue? No problem.

We work with illustrations as a part of the branding, webdesign or individually. In the illustrations, we like to see the patterns of handwork. That’s what makes our illustrations different.

Graphic Design of a New Illustration Final Graphic Illustration

Merchendise & Tiskoviny

Putting branding into practice. All of the materials you give to your customers, things you give them as a present or things you work with in the office.

Logo, Print and Other Corporate Materials

On display, each branding looks good, but It’s important to think of the practical use. We always try to think about the creation and functioning of what we make in practice and physical form.

As part of a logo creation and the corporate identity, we also design the appearance of the promotional products, the print (letterheads, business cards, envelopes, etc.), the promotional print (catalogues, brochures,…), firm’s materials (T-shirts, writing implements, gifts).

What we can do

  • Catalogues

  • Promotional print

  • Merchandise

  • Promotional products

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