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Now you have your marketing strategy and an idea as to where you are headed. However, any strategy needs to be activated first. It is the only way to plant your products and services into your customers' minds. We design partial communication activities so that they share a single strategy, key message and campaign goal.

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Advertising campaign made by Justmighty

We fulfil the defined goals

We begin the cooperation with an initial workshop. Since no results are forthcoming without first setting a clear direction we will define the goal of the campaign that should be achieved. The goal can be to increase your website traffic, sales or the overall brand awareness.

The visual captures an idea

With every campaign and every released visual we leave an indelible footprint in the customers' minds. This is why we think about the communication plan of the campaign before designing the key visual.

We stick to a uniform line

Each of the communication activities is designed and implemented in a way that follows a single strategy, key message and goal of the campaign throughout all channels. It is the only way to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that actually works.

We evaluate everything

The success of any strategy and advertising campaign needs to be rated. We follow the KPIs on an ongoing basis, rate them and adjust the campaign to reflect the results.

Why is the marketing campaign important?

Brand building

You build the image of your brand with every activity, be it a social media post or PPC advertising or even a large marketing campaign.

Global aspect

Only an interesting and comprehensive campaign which communicates what makes you special and unique for your customers will take your products to all corners of the world.

Péče o klienty
Péče o klienty

Easy to remember

Thanks to a well executed marketing campaign you will penetrate into the customers' awareness. And you will stay there if you continue to remind them of you in various ways.


Decide on your ideal communication mix, i. e. a set of media and elements through which you will communicate with your current and potential customers during the campaign.


We took a ride on online marketing with nextbike.

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Sustainability & sharing. You will simply love the key ingredients of this branding project.

I want to see this

Find harmony - in the middle of your garden. And when you visit the site.

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3 simple steps toward an advertising campaign


Marketing workshop


Draft marketing campaign


Final creative work with timetable


Marketing workshop

At the beginning of our cooperation we will be happy to meet you in person. We will tune in to one another, we will find out who your customers and competitors are, what the market looks like and what we can do about it. It will make our future cooperation a lot easier.

Benefit for you

  • Thanks to the workshop our cooperation will not be anonymous.
  • The outputs of the meeting are notes and a plan for the next steps.
  • The workshop is not binding, you can still make your decision.

Draft marketing campaigně

We have just decided to do it together and we are beginning to work on a draft advertising campaign. We always start with the principal creative idea which is further developed within a carefully defined communication mix.

Benefit for you

  • We will present a draft uniform communication line.
  • We will propose a specific mix and communication channels.
  • At this stage you will have a chance to interfere with the process.

Final creative work with timetable

A campaign cannot do without a catchy idea and apt creative work. The marketer works with the designer and copywriter to achieve a result that will hit the jackpot. At the same time, you will know what is happening on our and your side at any given moment.

Benefit for you

  • We test the final outputs and check which texts and visual outputs work best.
  • Thanks to a precisely defined timetable you are always up to date.
  • Our creative ideas fulfill your goals.

Why do it with Justmighty

We are your partners

We are aware that the success of Justmighty depends on our clients' success and vice versa. This is why we give you ideas about how to move on with your project.

We are strategic thinkers

Projects without a plan have no chance of succeeding. We are aware of this and this is why we think strategically. Everything is driven by the goals.

We enjoy our work

We never stop working on ourselves and developing. We enjoy our work and believe that it tells. See for yourself.

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