Graphic Design and Internet Services

We do graphic design, corporate identity, websites for which we create our own pictures and videos, and we direct people onto these webs using internet marketing and much more.

Brand and Visual Identity

Visual perceptions are strong. A company needs a precisely defined visual style that people can remember and associate with.

Visual identity is the uniform visual style of a firm or a project, through which it can be precisely defined and set apart from the competition. It expresses the nature of the company, character and content. The graphics also sets it apart from millions of other products and firms and now that's more important than ever.

We do the graphic design differently than others, or rather, the way it would be done. Brand doesn’t equal the logo. For us, brand is the set of elements that fit together and express something more. It’s mostly the typography, the color range, iconography, illustrations, basic printed materials, merchandising and last but not least, the logo.

What we stick to when creating the visual identity

  • Reflection - We reflect the nature of the company and philosophy into the firm’s identity. Corporate branding therefore reflects the nature of the company.

  • Consistency - We do the graphic design in a way that it remains consistent across all types of graphic materials and bases we make.

  • Harmony - We try to balance all of the unique elements with simplicity. Our graphic services are pure and natural.

  • Originality - We seek originality with each visual identity we create and we want it to be unique and memorable at first sight.

Webdesign and Unified Brand Production

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“We thank Justmighty for breathing new life into our project by creating a beautiful visual identity with hand-drawn characters, icons and actually the entire hand-drawn website.”

– Jiří Kasala, PERFECT Slim

Webdesign & Development

Graphical services, design and development of the web. That’s what everyone does these days. But only a few of us do it fair and square.

Why should you let us make your web?

I’m going to mention it plenty of times on this website, but the main reason is that our work on the web is oriented towards fulfilling the targets our client desires to achieve.

In spite of that, our projects got the original graphical visual style that can be characterized by simplicity and orientation towards functionality. We pay a high attention to the least of details. All of our webs are responsive, their content therefore adapts to the size of the device on which It is being viewed. We use the latest web technologies and at the same time, we keep in mind the most important thing. Internet Marketing.

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Creative Webdesign and Website Development

Responsive design

Responsive webdesign will adapt to the size of the device on which it’s being viewed. The web will look great on an ordinary laptop, tablet, cell phone but even a on the large screen. Learn more

SEO (On-page)

All of our webs are so called SEO ready. During their development, we think about preparing them for internet marketing and search optimization. But it’s just the beginning. Learn more

We follow the target

We design webs in order to fulfill our client’s expectations. Are they to sell? Are they to present a new product? That’s why we make webs. Not just for them to exist, but to have the purpose. Learn more

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“Justmighty helped us move our online presentation to a whole new level. That led us towards an immense increase in the number of clients.”

– MUDr. Kateřina Veselá Ph.D., Repromeda

Internet marketing

A new web is a great thing, but left alone, it’s useless. You need visitors. Using Internet marketing is the most efficient way to get them.


Search Engine Optimization is today’s phenomenon and a necessity. If you take your web seriously, there’s no time to spare. If customers can’t find you, it’s like you have never existed for them. Learn more


The online advertising where you pay per each click. We’ll set the efficient campaign, load it, optimize it and we’ll take care of it. PPC advertising has an immediate run-up, clear target and a dynamic campaign management. Learn more

Other Tools

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • E-mail Marketing

  • Social Marketing

  • Conversion Testing

Internet Services Providing Online Marketing

“Online marketing ensured regular sales of our Face-Up devices. We can simply just recommend the cooperation with Justmighty”.

– Michal Rampl, Enjoy Trade

Photos and Videos

What can better express a story, style or nature of your project than a photo or a video? Perhaps just using both, on a beautiful web from us.

We take fantastic photos

When creating a graphic design, webs or a brand, we always try to complete it with our own photos. We’re strongly repelled by those classical database photos that are absolutely impersonal, factitious and are rather counterproductive. We use photos to complete the visual style of a company and we set them in colors to fit the coloring of the company. We make photos stylish (for webs etc.), but also functional, product and accessory (e.g. for printed materials).

Let’s talk about shooting and photographing

Photoshoot and Photos Postproduction

We make videos. Those nice, movielike.

What we’re trying to express with words in long paragraphs (that often nobody reads), we can express in just a few minutes via video. This is sometimes even better. Videos are becoming common ways of web presentation and are often the most popular ones. Even for a short video, we prepare the script, storyboard, we find the suitable location and we do the best we can. The final result is a short video about your product.

Shooting and Video Cutting

“Not everyone enjoys photo shooting, some even dislike it. But absolutely everyone will enjoy photo shooting with those guys. And as our unnamed colleague mentioned – He’s God! I’ve never had such a good photo of me!”

– Veronika Veselá, Exponex

Applications (when there’s no app for that)

We create phone apps for iOS and Android platforms. We ensure the functional graphic design, programming and the final distribution and promotion.


We follow the basic instructions and we work on the project in order to use the maximum properties of smart phones and to maximize the UX (User experience).

UI Design

We use phones and tablets on a daily basis. An app must be user friendly since people are to use it very often. To stand out from millions of other apps, it must be unique.


We’re officially registered app developers and we work with original development tools that allow us to write the newest and the best apps of the highest technical standards.


Once an app is finished, it must be brought to the market. It must gain the first users and rock it a little. We ensure the distribution into app online stores and the online promotion of the entire project.

Let’s do something great