Strategy, creativity and emotions.

Our services

Why do people love stories? Stories inspire emotions. Emotions sell. We will find your story and tell it to your customers in a gripping way. From branding and marketing strategy to the last social media post.


Creating a brand

At the beginning there is your product or service. Then we come into the picture. If you want you customer to like you they have know about you first. We will create your corporate identity, not only the logo but the entire visual style and communication strategy. And your brand will be born.

Brand growth

Now you have your visual and corporate identity and communication strategy. What is next? For a healthy growth you need two things: brand awareness and higher sales. We will be happy to help you with both. Stick your neck out. We will stick it out with you.

Selected case studies from the portfolio


They are young and very talented people who know how to identify with the client and offer the best.

Marek Bukal Netbox owner

Cooperation with Justmighty

We value all our clients. Especially those who have been with us for years. The longer we cooperate the easier it gets. We create from your heart. Let us see what we can do together.



We want to get to know you, your product and your customers really close. And you want to find out about our style. This is why the cooperation starts with an initial workshop.



The final output is preceded by an analysis of the target group, market and competition. We look and find inspiration, research the theme and materials.



We think, design, shoot, write and take pictures. In a word, we create the content. All outputs are consulted with you. Everything is under your control.



We follow data and using analytical tools we optimise campaigns and websites to make sure that you achieve your goals. There is always something to be improved.