Water Joe

Water and caffeine. A new revolutionary energy beverage that entered the market also thanks to our web and a promotional spot.

What’s WaterJoe and how did we help it?

A genuine product, new on the market, interesting segment is just the challenge we like and WaterJoe was an interesting start also for Justmighty.

WaterJoe quite differs from other energy drinks. It’s actually water with caffeine. It doesn’t contain sugar, taurine, etc. It’s the healthy option of the typical energy drinks, which are high in sugar and it can replace an ordinary coffee. It’s suitable for athletes, drivers on long journeys (won’t make them fat) or even for party people, who want to last all night.

It’s a brand new and original product that enter a very overflowing market. It is hard to compete with other brands such as Red-Bull. We chose to put emphasis on the healthy nature of the product and focused on precisely given target groups. We created the so called One-Page Web and a new commercial spot for the online promotion.

Water Joe design