Všeobecný lékař

We launched communication for 30 practices across the Czech Republic.

About the project

Všeobecný lékař, a network of general practitioners, does not only cure the symptoms, it looks for the cause. We designed the marketing communication of this brand, online and offline, in the same spirit. We launched social media, company blog, PR, outdoor promotion, events and opening of new practices across the entire Czech Republic.

Project scope



New patients, education and trust

We grasped the online and offline communication. The goal for offline was clearly defined: get newly registered patients for the newly opening practices. The online goal was to increase the awareness of the brand, educate the fan community about prevention and healthy lifestyle and gain their trust. After all, health care is mostly about the trust between the physician and the patient.

Increase in fan base by 388 %

Has anybody said that Facebook is dead? Quite the opposite! In any case, it is not so in the Všeobecný lékař target group where 81 % are women and 68 % are older than 45 years. During a couple of months while we were launching social media for Všeobecný lékař we recorded an increase in the fan base by 388 %. Let us look at some key factors.


Almost half a million reach

We were responsible for the Facebook profile from 14 August to 18 October, i. e. about two months. During that time we prepared 25 posts and recorded 14 new fans a day. The overall reach of the site was 457 135 people, almost half a million. Fans simply enjoyed our content. 🙂

DIY or don’t bother your doctor with a running nose

How did we manage? We built the content strategy on 3 simple principles: natural remedies in home conditions, sharing best practices and tricks, and infotainment style of communication. Nobody enjoys going to see a doctor so if I can cure a common illness at home on time it is a win-win for me and for my physician. In addition to social media we introduced this communication line to a blog and a new website.

vl_cisla_2 copy 2.png
web 2.png

Four newly opened practices

We did not only work at our computers in the office for Všeobecný lékař. We had results on the internet, Facebok and Instagram but also offline. During spring and summer 2019 we opened four new practices together with Všeobecný lékař, specifically in Sázava, Němčice nad Hanou, Lysice and Píšť. We organised events, invited local representatives and arranged everything from promotion and hostesses to catering. Dozens to hundreds of people attended each opening event.

vl-mockup-CLV 3.png
vl-mockup-CLV 4.png
vl-mockup-CLV 2.png

Long live offline

We installed billboards in municipalities where Všeobecný lékař already had practices or was about to open new ones. The aim was to register new patients. The billboards were installed at public transport stops. We created and printed posters and leaflets and advertised in professional magazines.

Employer branding wanted!

 As the number of practices grew we needed to recruit new practitioners and nurses. This is why we started a recruitment campaign. In cooperation with Overhere, our video production company, we made five short image videos capturing Všeobecný lékař practitioners during their typical working days. Thanks to the fact that most of the practices are situated in rural areas, not in cities, they can spend more time with families and friends, on their hobbies and enjoy the nature. We based the key message of the recruitment campaign on this insight. And it worked.

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