Villa Memories

Live a unique story. From the very first click.

About the project

Villa Memories, winner of the prestigious Boutique Hotel Awards in Europe 2018, combines luxury with perfect services and a quiet atmosphere of a family home. It enables its guests to take a break and live a new story. Our task was to tell this story on the hotel’s website in a true and gripping way. How did we manage?

Project scope


Nice website is not an art

We decided to build the project around a simple structure, original graphic design, photographs evoking the right feelings and strong texts. But, most of all, we decided to be authentic and genuine. See for yourselves. We followed five simple rules.


Rule 1: Without the initial workshop it is no go

As is our custom, at the beginning of any cooperation we get to know each other with the client as much as we can and we define the goals and steps toward their accomplishment. We discussed everything with the owner Martin Ditmar in the Villa and spend a night to experience the atmosphere of this unique boutique hotel. Our experience from the Villa was then projected into the website. This is how the sitemap and the cooperation began to emerge.


Rule 2: Discover a different world behind each door

The rooms reflect the character, disposition and expectations of their guests. Are you closer to the calm energy of the earth, the courage and wilderness of a wolf or the fragile elegance of a hummingbird? The aim of presenting the rooms is to find the right box for each cat. On the web each guest can absorb the atmosphere of the rooms and choose the one where they will feel the best and themselves.


Rule 3: Revealing the atmosphere without spoilers

At Villa Memories they are well aware that the hotel and overall guest satisfaction is responsible for 20 % of the impression and the experience is responsible for the remaining 80 %. This is why the website vividly presents all services and activities people can experience with their closest ones, for example, going outside with a hunter or a fisher, watching the world from a horseback or graduate from the Grill Academy. Our challenge was to attract and enchant the guests without telling too much because that would spoil their surprise upon arriving at the Villa.


Rule 4: Strike the right chord

Emotions and more emotions. “The website must abound in experience”, such was our assignment. We wanted to do it through the graphic design, photos and texts. Our graphic designer and copywriter dived into the Villa Memories world for several weeks. After the initial consultation of texts with the client we realised that we needed to take a step back. Then we projected a hygge element and a promise of a happy life (or at least a happy holiday) into the website.

We were thinking about why this Danish lifestyle became a global phenomenon. Every trend reflects the spirit of its time and refers to what people miss the most. Nowadays, it is relaxation, life balance and time spent with our loved ones. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Living it or transferring it into a website is a bit more difficult.


Rule 5: From online to the edge of the (offline) world

After some finishing touches to the graphic design and text we began to develop the website, choosing pictures and creating the content. We did not limit ourselves to the online, our work extended also to the offline. We prepare other materials for Villa Memories which follow the newly defined visual and communication style.


How did it turn out?

Thanks to the initial workshop and subsequent cooperation a new image website was created which lets you peek into each room and each corner and, at the same time, it helps you with booking a room. So, when are we going?


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