Šmeral Brno a.s.

Is an engineering company that’s been on the market for over 150 years. Unfortunately, its brand and web looked almost just as old. It was about time to take action.

Šmeral Brno corp. and what we did for them

Šmeral Company was highly focused on production and business and it’s a true giant. However, it has neglected is visual presentation.

Engineering is a very specific and conservative field. It’s filled with loads of smart people, but these people often forget about things connected with promotion and visual style. We took the initiative and spoke to the Šmeral company and offered cooperation in our field. Our proposals were accepted and we approached the implementation.

We had to start at the beginning. With a new brand, logo, web, photos and all of the promotional materials. We created a logo with a new typography and a modified symbol, designed a new color palette with one noticeable element, we prepared new print and promotional materials and designed a new website.

Šmeral logo
Šmeral logo
Šmeral logo design
Šmeral heart logo