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How we introduced the ŠKODA Connect LITE application with Nerd.

About the project

We were very excited to include Škoda Auto a.s., the biggest Czech company, in our portfolio. We had a chance to create a campaign and marketing materials for the new Škoda Connect LITE for the whole European market. Look at what we thought of and created and what Škoda thinks about it.

Project scope


Škoda Connect Lite – Simplify your driving life

Škoda Connect LITE, the new mobile application for iOS and Android, will enable you to get feedback on your rides. This smart assistant informs you about your vehicle and your driving style, it increases your safety and helps to deal with critical situations. You can use it to keep a logbook and many other useful functions. Connect LITE is even available for vehicles manufactured after 2008 so even your 10-year-old Octavia can become smarter.


Feature videos – starring Nerd

We decided to communicate the idea of Škoda Connect LITE in three feature advertising spots with Nerd in the lead role. Nerd is a young automobile enthusiast who uses various gadgets to improve his aged Octavia. However, if he wants to make his life easier all he actually needs to do is to download the new Škoda Connect LITE.


Videospot – My Škoda

My Škoda – a smart mobile application function showing all necessary information on the vehicle such as the engine parameters, average fuel consumption, mileage, service inspections and much more. Why create your “Bat Cave” if all you need is an app?

Videospot – Driving Feedback

Driving feedback – the application enables various forms of feedback on your device. You can follow diagrams, get awards, compete with others and improve your driving skills. You don’t even need to keep a paper logbook. Plus you don’t need to install a radar, printer or seismograph in your car to obtain such data. 😀

Videospot – Parking

Parking – every driver knows what it feels like to forget where they have parked their car. You can tie a balloon to it. Or you can download Škoda Connect LITE.

Animated videos

We wanted to outline the app and all its functions to the users as much as we could. It was also important to introduce the app and its benefits to dealers who offer the product to their customers. We created two animated (motion, as we call them) videos that introduce Škoda Connect LITE to both target groups – the end users and the dealers. If you are interested in the app and want to know more about it click on the videos below.


Explainer video for end customers

Explainer video for dealers

Key visuals and final application

Photos were taken during the shooting to be used on promotion materials and online channels. We added some digital graphic materials based on the animated videos. In this way we created a set of posters for offline use, online banners, POI materials and a complete content including graphic design and texts for social media during the whole campaign.


Communication & marketing manual

Škoda Auto submits its marketing materials to importers in various countries. They and the local dealers are responsible for campaigns in their markets. We created a large communication manual to facilitate a good understanding of all materials, good orientation in all the submitted data and namely to clearly define the manner of communication, its tone, timetable and the appropriate marketing channels. In this way we gave the importers a guide to all marketing materials with which they can run the campaign in their country with a minimum effort while following our goals.


Behind the scenes

We had about 25 people working on the project including some outsourced staff, and the implementation took approximately five months. We were fussed about every detail. We did the creative work, wrote scripts, drew story boards, illustrated, animated, shot, directed, produced, lit, focused, sound-engineered, dubbed, designed, copywrote and sent all of this to Mladá Boleslav. Peek behind the scenes of the project for Škoda Auto, the biggest Czech company.


„Everything ran on oiled wheels.“

Daniel Kunzo
ŠKODA Digital Marketing Communications


„If I were to highlight one great thing about Justimighty it would be the enthusiasm with which they created the campaign.“

Daniel Kunzo
ŠKODA Digital Marketing Communications


How we introduced ŠKODA Connect LITE with Nerd.

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