Sustainability & sharing. You will simply love the key ingredients of this branding project.

About the project

Do you lose your appetite when the takeaway meal arrives in a disposable plastic package? If the answer is yes, you are ready for REkrabička (REbox). This project supporting shared economy came just in time and, quite frankly, it really moved our hearts. We are happy to make our small contribution to improving the environment. Everything counts.

Project scope

Communication strategy

Say good bye to cliché!

We concentrated on the basic idea of the project which is recycling. REkrabička is a unique concept in the Czech Republic and this is why we reflected this uniqueness in the logo. We wanted to avoid the conventional elements used in the recycling context, i. e. the arrows and the green colour. And we managed doing just that.

One instead of 400 disposable packages

REkrabička is made of carefully selected polypropylene. Thanks to the extreme durability of this material each REkrabička can be used up to 400 times and replace the same number of disposable packages. The key element of reuse and repetition is reflected in the logo. The idea is underlined by the bold “RE” letters which are usually associated with recycling or reuse.

Prototypes of REkrabička

REkrabička started a test run during which customers and restaurant owners showed unexpectedly high interest in the test boxes. The team tested how customers reacted to the new service and what parameters of boxes they preferred. Unexpectedly, the winner among women was the pink version, men mostly did not have any colour preferences. Above all, they appreciated the simple idea and a chance to avoid disposable plastic packages. This was a confirmation that the brand can stick its neck out to the market.

How does the service work? It is very simple. You will pick up your takeaway or have your unfinished meal packed in REkrabička against a deposit. The deposit is CZK 80. You can return it at any other business in the Czech Republic which participates in the project.

Czech sustainability

The test boxes were a great success so we decided against changing the colours. We finalised some details and decided to expand the range of boxes in the future. Following the test run REkrabička improved the lid tightness and changed the shape. Now it is unique, better suited for users and compliant with sanitary regulations. REkrabička found a Czech manufacturer of boxes which reduces their transportation costs as well as the CO2 footprint. The plastic material is 100 % recyclable and environmentally-friendly.

What’s next?

REkrabička is manufactured with easy recycling in mind and, at the same time, the emphasis is on practicality and good look. In addition to the logo we prepared a complete brand manual and applications such as business cards, leaflets to be distributed in outlets, stickers to be placed on doors and fabric shopping bags. We designed the concept of social media based mainly on photos and effective texts which will inspire people to share and recycle.

Good communication is key

We did not stop at the brand manual. Within the project scope we prepared a communication manual where we defined the vision and mission of the brand, its basic values, target groups, tone of communication, the correct way of writing the name and other basic rules for writing texts and communicating with customers. The basic rule of communication is that the brand conforms to a modern lifestyle and naturally educates the customers.

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