Perfect Slim

A new project where we worked on the full brand, hand-drawn features, the website and we also help with online marketing.

What was the PERFECT Slim project?

PS is a diet, which ensures the fast burning of fats in your body without losing muscles. Yes, it really works. We’ve tried it ourselves.

We like to choose projects we want to work on. If there’s a product that catches our attention, we like to try it. I (Tomas Pohl) lost 10 kg of body fat thanks to PERFECT Slim and it has really helped him. That was one of the reasons, why we decided to help this newly created project and worked on the complete brand and the web presentation.
The value of the entire visual identity idea lies in using hand-drawn features (illustrations, icons, and even buttons). There is an animated character of a red bean that takes you through the entire brand (web) and that illuminates the entire web presentation and brings it closer to the people. The web contains various hand-drawn features, an e-shop with products and an intelligent price calculator.
Perfect Slim logo - variation black
Perfect Slim logo - variation white
Perfect Slim icons
Perfect Slim process
Perfect Slim - devices