Niveko Webdesign

Find harmony - in the middle of your garden. And when you visit the site.

About the project

Niveko makes people’s dreams come true. At least those associated with their gardens and spending time with their loved ones. Niveko is a leading European manufacturer of swimming pools now presenting them on a new website.

Project scope


Challenge accepted

The challenge was clear: create a website containing interesting elements, uplifting the visual style and, most of all, boosting the perception of the brand. We accepted the challenge. We built the website around three basic pillars: intuitive design, strong lifestyle photographs and real life stories. We wanted to evoke a desire to dive head first in the new pool. How did we manage? See for yourselves. What we needed were seven simple steps.


1. At the beginning we got to know each other well

We got to know each other with the client at an online workshop. We learned all about the beginning of their business, current operations and expectations from the website. We agreed we would include new design elements and build the image on photographs. The website contains a swimming pool planner and pictures of reference pools installed for happy families all over Europe.


2. Easy to navigate structure

What was next? We began to create wireframes which you can imagine as a wire model of key landing pages. Working with the client we defined the structure of the whole website and its individual pages as well as the extent of texts. The well-prepared wireframes saved us a lot of time later on. At the following stage we finetuned the User Experience and User Interface – tools that will make the website easy to follow and understand.


3. Playful design elements and catchy photos

We included a soft powder pink colour in the brand visual as a harmonious complement and tasty counterweight to the dominating blue. We also designed the irregular bubble shape which became a new hallmark of the website and, later on, new catalogues. We added interesting interactions playing with a drop of water. We knew that it would be nice to work on the content because the client supplied beautiful photos of pools.


4. Brief texts that say it all

The aim of placing texts on a website is not to flood visitors with a lot of technical information. Quite the opposite. The texts are concise and yet they evoke the right emotions – desire for well-deserved relaxation and unforgettable moments of joy spent with family and friends. Nothing less, nothing more. Well, you also have to capture the mission and operation of the company because nowadays people want to know who they buy from.


5. At the Pohlreich’s and the Neumann’s

Real life stories of happy customers in the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden are an important part of the website. Over 60 families shared their stories of what the Niveko pool brought to their lives. Some defined it as “wellness for the mind”, others as an oasis of calm thanks to which they are always in good shape.


6. Design your dream pool

“Close your eyes and imagine your dream pool” – this is how we entice the web visitors to realize their idea with the help of the Niveko planner. In several simple steps they can choose the type, colour and shape of their pool and the style of stairs. Based on these parameters the planner tells them what their choice tells about them. Do you prefer silver, light blue or Caribbean blue? Are you a minimalist, a megalomaniac or something in between? Test your dreams and your personality. In the last step you will fill in your details and a Niveko partner in your country will approach you with a personalised offer.


7. Precise web design and development

We submitted the completed design with texts to our developers who brought the website to life, made it work and ready to go out to the world. They animated the designed elements and created funny micro-interactions. The website was launched in four languages – in addition to Czech there is English, German and French. All language versions run under a single database which simplifies their administration. The result is a new website that combines modern design, emotions and beautiful references.


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