We designed television that we always wanted to watch

About the project

Kuki is smart television by Netbox. It has been in the market for a couple of years already. Justmighty worked with Netbox on rebranding as well as on a complete rethinking and redesigning the entire smart television product. The result is a brand new UI design. We have created television that all of us always wanted to watch. Kuki television is available for smart TVs.

Project scope

Product development


SMART TV 2.0 – TV that we always wanted to watch

How is it with the traditional TV broadcasting nowadays? Isn’t it a little outdated? These days we have got used to watching what we want to watch, not what is “on TV” right now. Plus we want to watch whenever we want, not when the TV channel tells us to. And we want to watch stuff again and again. And we want to binge-watch our favourite series. But, from time to time, we want to watch live broadcasts or shows that will be on in two days. New Kuki television makes all this happen. We created a user interface that makes all this possible with a few clicks or touches.

Time axis

We display shows by way of tiles placed on a time axis. All tiles have equal size regardless of the actual time of broadcasting. All tiles are arranged chronologically.


One tile shows the currently broadcast programme with an indicator of progress. Behind this tile there is a TV guide listing programmes that are to be broadcast in the future.


KUKI will pick your shows for you and hand them to you on a plate

If you don’t like flipping hundreds of channels and thousands of programmes, you don’t need to do it. You can play one of the blockbusters, i. e. previously broadcast programmes with a rating over 60 %.
Or play your favourite series. Kuki has already picked all the broadcast episodes and sorted them in one place for you. Or you can simply continue watching the programme that put you to sleep last night.


Skip the boring stuff, even the adverts



Space design

We have done complete rebranding and new corporate identity for Netbox, including communication. The Kuki television design follows the new visual style of Netbox. You will recognise the typical cosmic shades of violet and the dark visual style at first sight. The user interface was created for conventional television as well as for browsers and mobile devices. The entire design is naturally made-to-measure.


„The way Justmighty thinks about key issues of creative design and how they are able to apply these ideas in practice was absolutely crucial for me. Cooperation with Justmighty really works.“

Marek Bukal

Entertainment for the whole family – Personalised profiles

Kuki television is for everyone, for little children and elderly people alike. Grandma and her adolescent grandson will have different preferences, a dad will want to watch his game. This is why in Kuki there are personalised profiles for each family member. This does not concern the content only. We all know that different age groups have different attitude to technology. This is why we created three types of user interface. Number one is the classic for everyone. Number two is cute and kind and includes child protection. Number three is simple and easy to use for the elderly who will not have to be afraid of using their new television.


Mobile version – TV in the pocket

Mobile versions for phones and tablets with iOS and Android are a matter of course. We created design for these platforms and now you can take Kuki television with you on your travels or watch series while riding a tram.


Kuki TV in your browser

If you don’t own a TV set it is not a problem. Watch Kuki in your favourite internet browsers for which we also designed the web version.


We fiddled with the slightest details

Creating the whole UI with every icon and button took almost one year.



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