A very successful Czech company that implements expositions all over the world. The new web we created has a unique responsive layout and design.

What was the Exponex project?

The task was clear. We had to eliminate scolling on the web. The user can now everything at once in one window.

The Czech company Exponex is absolutely unique. It has worked its way up to the world’s peak in the field of exposition implementations in just five years. Concerning this fact (and some family ties), we gladly accepted this project of web realization. The entire project is based on a very simple principle. To make a no-scroll web, that is simple, well arranged, dynamic and responsive.
However, this concept turned against us. The designing part was easy, but encoding was a tough nut to crack. We kept checking the height and width of the viewing window, and interconnecting individual sections (e.g. people from the employee section are generated in contacts) and much more. The project took longer than expected but the result was a set of style and unique technical solutions, just like Exponex itself.
Exponex - web page Exponex - web page Exponex - web page Exponex - web page