A brand new project that gives a definition to healthy lifestyle. We helped running their business with brand, web and an ordering system.

What’s Back2Life about and how it's working for them?

A nutrition consultant and a chef, work together to bring people back to life. They do it by means of a regular healthy diet and proper exercise.

As I’ve already mentioned on this web plenty of times, we love working on projects with purpose. And if there’s something with purpose nowadays, it’s the spreading of the knowledge about healthy eating habits and regular exercise. This project was likable even from the human point of view. Two young people, a trainee and a chef decided to give it a shot and joined the overflowed market with a product that excels especially with its quality and proven success rate.
The key idea behind the brand was a notional division of men/women, blue/pink as much as the division of the Back2Life products themselves. Colors together with apples became the project’s symbol. The website had two purposes. It was supposed to persuade the visitors to arrange a personal consultation and accept the new healthy lifestyle, and to offer a comfortable ordering system of food products to the already existing customers
Back2life logo - variation blue
Back2life logo - variation white
Back2life logo - variation pink
Back2life logo
Back2life T-shirt Back2life T-shirt
Back2life design
Back2life design