Tomáš Pohl

Co-founder, the Head designer

I love cooking and design. It fits together.

I am the boss and the co-worker everyone desires to have. That’s what I say. And when I say something, it’s true!

Contact information

Tomáš Pohl

tel.: +420 720 316 570

e-mail: [email protected]

My basic characteristics showed up for the first time in kindergarten. When I was a little boy, I suffered from strong hyperactivity, I used to boss the other kids around and when the teachers wanted to get rid of me, they made me sit drawing quietly. And, I’m still like that.

I can’t rest in front of the TV or on a couch. I must keep doing something. I at least have to do some cleaning, if there’s nothing else to do.In high school the graphic work was my escape from the stereotype and the home boredom. I used to play with primitive programs, drew a lot, I copied the designs of others and I was learning their techniques. Everything I know about design I learnt myself.

I’ve got a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Business and Economics at Mendel University in Brno and after obtaining this degree, I left the school. As I say, doing nothing is not for me. I perceived school to be just a waste of time and I kept thinking about Justmighty anyway, which I established together with Marcel in the first year of university studies. Moreover, we got so much work that there was no spare time for sitting in the library and I chose the practice instead.

When thinking about the kindergarten, I keep doing the bossing around and organizing people. Not that I’d like to tell people what to do, the exact opposite, but I’ve never been able to persist in the opposite situation. I’m not a good employee. I like to do things myway, I like to be in charge and having things under control. I’m not into listening to somebody else. And I like to surround myself by people like that. I don’t need to control people, I want my team to be self-sufficient.

Do what you like and you’ll never have to work. That’s the line I always try to follow. That’s also why I’ve even worked as a cook for a while. Because I love cooking and I love food. And that’s also why now I make a living from graphic design and from working on my own project called Justmighty.