Marco Salatin

Co-founder, Online marketer

There’s nothing in between.

Everyone who knows me knows, I don’t settle for less or with an average compromise. This applies to anything I do.

Contact information

Marco Salatin

tel.: +420 776 429 329

e-mail: [email protected]

If I should speak about myself all day, I’m not sure I could do it without starting to get myself bored. It’ll be beneficial for everyone if I make it short.

Internet, design, those are my true passions.

That’s something I’ve been obsessed with ever since I was little. I was at elementary school when I created my first website and the entire process kept me fascinated. By that time, I thought I created something amazing, but as you may think, the truth was elsewhere.

It started as a hobby I used to pursue a lot. Creating my own websites and the online business being the things I do for living, turned to be my dream real quickly. While in high school, I’ve already worked on several projects and I was lucky enough to start doing well really soon.

I’ve discovered the magic world of the affiliate marketing. The feeling when you’re doing something else while at the same time you have your website being used by other people, which makes you earn money. The high school was about to end and I was pretty clear about what to do next. I finally had the free time I could dedicate to my own projects and improve the knowledge I really needed.

Some time has passed and Tom and I have founded Justmighty. The typical not/well-coordinated duo when the two keep arguing, complete one another, the one permanently trying to organize and control everything (we all know that’s Tom I’m talking about, luckily he’s really good at it), while the other having its own organized mess with enough time for everything. My partial Italian origin doesn’t deny itself. Long sleep, hatred towards alarms, enjoying good food and last but not least, peace and quiet. Sometimes the people around me appreciate that, but it also happens that it creates struggles. Except for my occasional traveling, my other big hobby is fitness. So far, I haven’t found a better way of relaxation, than fighting yourself and your abilities.