Lukáš Huvar

Developer, Affiliate manager

Everyone has a dream, mine is to travel the world!

I’m from the Ostrava region and you can definitely tell that by my “short” Czech accent. The others make fun of me because of that.

Contact information

Lukáš Huvar

tel.: +420 724 588 737

e-mail: [email protected]

Writing my own profile was quite a tough one for me. That’s because poetry tells me nothing and at work, I belong to the “dark side” of the Czech language. Like anyone, I have some good sides and some bad sides, but I suppose no one cares about that (at least I don’t :D)

Life is a journey, not a destination, but I guess that’s written in every motivation book. Concerning the books, I like to read. Diving into the world of letters and being oblivious to the surroundings is great. Running away from the reality and hiding away from the big and stressful world.

Sometimes it’s better not to hide and discover the world. Here goes my other passion, travelling. No matter if it’s an ancient city or a busy parade by the beach. I wouldn’t exchange travelling for the world, and I can’t understand those who just sit at home and are happy about that. There are so many beautiful places in the world and those luxurious views from the tops of mountains are priceless.

Everything costs some money and I’m trying to earn it in our beautiful firm. My position is called “affiliate manager and developer”, but sometimes I feel like an odd-job man. Above all of that, I love my job and I wouldn’t change it. I always used to play with LEGO and my job resembles that a little bit. I put together little pieces and I’m trying to create something beautiful and functional. And that’s what I really enjoy doing.