Lenka Hrnčířová

Project Assistant

I love the youthful life and I enjoy whatever it offers

I’m accurate and I welcome the new tasks with a smile on my face. Sometimes, I even have to ask the guys to give me the new tasks.

Contact information

Lenka Hrnčířová

tel.: +420 739 092 244

e-mail: [email protected]

They say the early bird caches the worm, but I’m definitely not catching any. I love to sleep, same as my co-workers and that’s why I go to work at 9 a.m. I always enter the office with a smile on my face and in a good mood. That’s maybe why I’m the only woman in the team and it has its benefits.

I’m the one to take care of them, but whenever I need a man’s hand on something, they’re always ready to take action.

I’m an extremely phlegmatic person and I hate arguments and I’m always trying to solve everything with a calm-toned voice. I’m ready to solve any task without objections and I take things the way they are without asking the question “Why should I do it?”. I like learning new things and in Justmighty, I’ve learnt even things that used to be a Greek village to me.

I love good food and that’s why I always send the guys the current menus of the local restaurants at 10 a.m. As my coworker said “Life’s too short to eat Penne Pomodoro with ham”.