Small, Creative, Enthusiastic Team

We’re young and there’s only a few of us, but that’s our strength. We’re not burnout, we're up for new things. We do things the way we want and we don’t let the system break us.

In May 2013, two freelancers Tomas and Marco met on a project for a store with women's underwear (of course). Tomas made a whole new brand for the company and Marco worked on the website and the internet marketing, which helped with launching their sales. Was that symbiosis at first sight? Absolutely not. Tomas wanted to do the web himself and he perceived the internet marketing a pointless investment. Marco, on the other hand, disagreed with the new visual identity of the company and the prepared graphics.

After several lunches, phone calls and hours spent in a car in the parking lot, the guys finally agreed on renting an office and starting working together. After several undersold contracts, unpaid projects and sleepless nights, in May 2014 the guys founded the firm Justmighty ( was already taken).

The number of projects kept increasing. There were no mere leaflets, posters and small websites. After several months we hired our first employee Lukas and the contracts grew bigger. We got a new place, re-created it in our own way and we enjoy spending time here. We hired some more team members and we became the Justmighty – Digital craft studio.

Our Working Process

Each of our projects goes through several steps. This way we ensure the maximum attention towards what’s important the given moment and our work is efficient.

  • We always want to get to know our client, look at what the others do and create a complete idea.


  • According to research, we create certain concept and a proposal of how we could continue.


  • We create a functional design that clearly reaches the target. And it looks amazing.


  • We launch the project once it’s 100% complete. You always only get one chance that you can’t underestimate.


  • After launching, we test and analyze reactions. Based on that, we optimize.

    Test and Optimization

Our Policy Measures

We want to work on things with a purpose and that is what we like. We also want to work on things that can reach the target our client has set. We always give our projects the best of us.

Standards and Values Chart

Quality over Quantity

We don’t do one-hit wonders.

We don’t work on 20 projects a month. We do 20 projects a year. This way we can guarantee the absolute attention to detail. And that’s the magic!

Quality takes time

And time is precious

I need a web. And I wanna have it done in 15 days spending 1000 €. Can we make a deal? Unfortunately, we can’t. We won’t make a web in such a short time and with that kind of budget.

Sales Orientation

Our projects know how to sell

The projects we do are sales oriented. They help to improve the position of the companies on the market, increase sales or kick off a new project.

The place we spend the most of our time

We’ve created an environment where we enjoy spending time, we feel good at and that supports our creative thinking. There is a bar, a TV, a sofa and great music.