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This is no treadmill. Go digital and have fun

Work in digital services and marketing has its specific features. It is a very young and dynamic branch full of cool people and state-of-the-art technology. We cooperate with clients in all professions from cuisine to medicine. We are never bored.

We do tailored projects in top quality. We don't do hundreds in a year but only couple of dozens. We enjoy what we do and we create cool stuff. If you want to be a part of it take a look at what we can offer. We'll be happy to meet you.

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Dog friendly office

I've been with Justmighty for 4 years and I believe it is one of the happiest periods in my life. There's lots of work, the expectations are high but I feel free.

Miroslav Budiš Creative director

Benefits you can get

Great and young team

We are all buddies. We spend a lot of time together and yet we don't mind going out for a beer in the evening. We love our jobs, we enjoy technology, design and marketing. In a way, we are geeks.

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Stylish office

We are based 10 mins from the centre of Brno. We have our own building, all to ourselves. It is situated in the rear section where it is absolutely quiet. The whole space is open and airy. Everybody has their own workspace, there is a kitchenette, shower and a communal chillout zone. From time to time we throw social events for the public.


State-of-the-art technology

We work with cutting edge hardware and software. The company runs on Apple products and we even opened our own Apple e-shop. We can get you all the gear you need.

Flexible working hours

It is 2021. We don't work on a conveyor belt and we don't milk cows in the morning so even though there's a lot to do our working hours are flexible. Doing a great job is natural but you won't find anywhere to clock in at our office.