What happened in 2015. The Key Events of the year.

Look at the key events of this year. What were the crucial moments, what we nailed and what we really messed up.

Tomáš Pohl

The end of the year is here and we packed it in again on December 18th.  We wanted to treat ourselves with the well-deserved rest, before we get back on January 4th and everything rolls up against us. However, I seem to have a little too much free time so I’m going to use that …

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The year’s ending just as it should be or the party at Pablo

Well, we drank, we ate and had a really good time. Even five people can make a great Christmas party in the South-American style.


Even we, a small and a young firm, decided to through a Christmas party. Or rather a whole day that we spent together on December 18th, when we all met in the office and begun a small recapitulation of the entire past year. And as Thomas is used to, he always prepares some original and …

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Free time and its immense importance

Our freetime is the way how to keep high quality of our projects.

Lenka Hrnčířová

In the previous article I’ve mentioned our lifestyle and the way we spend our leisure time. I wrote about the two periods and about how it depends on whether we’re fed up with “everything” or “everyone”. I’d say it’s fifty, fifty. We enjoy the moments together We’re those kinds of friends who rather live together …

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Brisket or a salad? Justmighty and the healthy lifestyle

Does it work together? We are still learning, but we think it does.

Lenka Hrnčířová

I would have never believed that sitting by the computer all day can be so difficult. We are slowly starting to get all of the other people, whose job is behind a desk. I now understand complains about neck pain and headaches. Our office is no exception and we’re coming up with various ways how …

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