Free time and its immense importance

Our freetime is the way how to keep high quality of our projects.

Lenka Hrnčířová

In the previous article I’ve mentioned our lifestyle and the way we spend our leisure time. I wrote about the two periods and about how it depends on whether we’re fed up with “everything” or “everyone”. I’d say it’s fifty, fifty.

We enjoy the moments together

We’re those kinds of friends who rather live together than work together. It’s sure that we go for lunch at the working time or that sometimes we go for an exercise, but from time to time we even make trips together. For example, when my stolen phone was activated and we all saw on our screen where it was located – thanks to an app called Find my iPhone. It was like in the movie. Noone hesitated and we all jumped into my Golf (yes, we really need a bigger firm car) and set off to find my phone. Unfortunately, none of us realized that at the address, there can live thousands of people and the phone can be located in any apartment within 50 meters. This trip didn’t have a happy ending, however a nice cold beer was comforting enough for the guys and I didn’t end up with only one beer neither.

When I tell someone we have a pool at work, everyone thinks I’m a nut. But it’s true. The building, where our firm is located, has a pool on the roof. Who wouldn’t like that in the summer, after work, you can just take the elevator to the top floor and after a really rough day, jump thoughtlessly into the pool. The roof is the place where, if “being fed up with everything”, we spend a lot of our leisure time. At the summer weekends, we’re able to lie all day by the pool and in winter we like to go to sauna, which is also part of the roof object. Some of us even like to work at the roof, but anyone can only guess, working by the pool is impossible. We know isn’t normal to have a pool at work and so we really appreciate it in place of all the others that are not that lucky.

Chilling by the pool. We brought the work with us.

Chilling by the pool. We brought the work with us.

Each of us has its own way

Sometimes it happens that we need to take a break from each other. We really spend a lot of time together. And what we do in our free time? What are our hobbies? It’s quite simple. We all like to go to pubs and have fun with friends. Some of us like to spend our free time with our other half and the others enjoy their youthful life. We like trips to nature, we exercise and we love to sleep. You can find the specific hobbies in the individual profiles on the web 🙂

Why is leisure time so important?

From reading our blog, you might get the feeling that we don’t work that much – but it’s quite the opposite. We’re just not going to write about sitting by the computer, that’s all. The true is we work all the time and a lot. You can always reach us by the e-mail and we’re sitting in the office 24/7, often even during the weekends. But on the other hand, leisure time and fun is necessary. That’s the only way to load our personal batteries and to go back to work full of energy the other day. This way we prevent the burnout syndrome and the cabin fever. Our free time is the way of retaining the high quality of our projects.