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People ask us a lot of questions. Mostly these.

People usually ask us the same questions all over again. So we picked out some of the most frequent ones to ease the communication with each other.

Am I the right client for you?

We don’t know that. Do you like modern design? Do you want something amazing and original? Can you give us enough space? Will you take our pieces of advice? Are you open towards unconventional solutions? Then you’re the right client for us and we’d love to meet you in person.

How much for a website?

Here we can’t tell you the precise sum. There isn’t any. Our solutions are made according to the client’s desires. We’re talking about handmade digital work and the entire project is created from scratch. Each is different and has a different goal, each project takes different time. So there’s no universal answer, since we don’t offer universal solutions. But contact us and we’ll gladly hear your requests.

I want a cool website from you, but I only have 1000 €.

I’m sorry, but we’re not the digital studio for you. We dedicate our projects a lot of care and time. We think that a good web simply cannot be made with such a budget. We recommend you to buy a website template you like. We are soon going to create such templates ourselves.

How long will it take to finish my project?

We create projects made to measure. Each project is therefore highly individual and it depends on the instructions and characteristics. We make no one-hit-wonders, therefore we dedicate each project the maximum attention. Accept the fact that a web creation or a complete branding will take at least 60 days from the contract signature until the final launching, in case of smaller difficulties. Larger projects can take up to several months.

Aren’t you a little too young?

Yes, we are. We’re full of energy, enthusiasm, we do things our way and our work is up-to-date. But we are professionals who are engaged in the field for several years now. However, don’t ask us to wear a suit at the meetings, we’ll most likely be wearing jeans.

All I need is online marketing for my current website. Will you help me?

Yes, we’ll gladly create you an offer. But it really depends on the current state of your website. Not just the technological state but also the design and the functional one. If people want the internet marketing to make sense, we have to direct visitors on the high-quality website, where they’ll buy something. Otherwise, we send them there to no effect. A web alone makes at least 50% of the overall success. And don’t forget the important! Online marketing brings people, but it’s the web that sells.

I know you don’t make any one-hit-wonders, but what if I really need a quick solution?

If you need Express (up to 30 days) web or brand, try to contact us, but it will surely reflect in the price and we might have to decline such project if we get the feeling we can’t make something really good in such a short time.

All I want is a simple flyer, can I contact you?

Yes, you can. We’re grateful for any request. However, our target is to work on big projects, where we can run our creativity and technological know-how riot.

I don’t know what I want, will you help me?

Yes, most clients don’t know what they want, or they have a certain idea that is based on unrealistic assumptions. And it’s one of the basic rules that the client gets the idea after our personal consultation. So contact us and let’s have a look.

I’ll ask various digital studios to create me a graphical design and then I’ll choose one of them.

That’s unfortunately not the way we play. We’ve decided not to take part in such events. There are plenty of reasons. We want to share a certain bond with our client, get to know his or her project, this is how we want to start working on the project. Meeting with the client and its segment is already work itself. We definitely don’t want to spew out a quick solution for free and wait what happens next. Such work is pointless. We cherish our work and we would never degrade it like this.

Just make a change, it’s easy.

We hear that all the time. It’s often easy in the eyes of a layman, but quite a complicated technical solution from our side. The difficulty of the different tasks and functionalities is up to us to decide and we will gladly inform you about that or explain you why’s that so.

We’re from abroad. What happens now?

Don’t worry, many of our clients are from abroad even outside Europe. We’re living in 2016 and the electronic communication is almost at the level of the personal one. So we can communicate like this and if the project reaches a more interesting phase, we’ll gladly meet you face-to-face.