What happened in 2015. The Key Events of the year.

Look at the key events of this year. What were the crucial moments, what we nailed and what we really messed up.

Tomáš Pohl

The end of the year is here and we packed it in again on December 18th.  We wanted to treat ourselves with the well-deserved rest, before we get back on January 4th and everything rolls up against us. However, I seem to have a little too much free time so I’m going to use that to summarize the past year and let you peep into our lives a little bit. The year 2015 was crucial. But we’re still at the beginning, so every year will be crucial at first☺. So step by step we will reveal single milestones of the past months.


The very important event happened already at the beginning of January. Justmighty found a new home and we moved into a new and beautifully reconstructed place. You can read more about this moving further here and here. The place that is significantly larger than the previous one, the place we brought to perfection and the place highly presentable. Everyone who visited us liked the place and we also kind of got used to the wooden environment a lot. And even though a lot of people discouraged us from this step forward (they said it was too early and so on), it showed up to be one of the best decisions ever. This way, we prepared the place for the other key events of the year.

The New Place Interior

The New Place Interior

New Team Members

Thanks to the larger place (and let’s be honest, also thanks to larger contracts) it was about time to move efficiency onto a whole new level. In January, it was only me, Marco and Lukáš. I was ceasing to stop managing time completely. By that time I worked on design, business, administration, bills and basically the entire unrewarding job. I needed to ease a little and I needed somebody who can manage the entire administration and the basic operational issues. So in March, Lenka joined our team and became a fully-fledged member within just a few days.

By that time, Marko was in charge of the entire technical functioning of the projects, online marketing, a little encoding and even preparing his own projects, he also needed help. And so Huvik came, who with his technical knowledge in the field of programming, highly stands out among everyone in the office. And he knows how to find really cheap flight tickets. ?

New web, photos and videos

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot. That’s also the subtitle of the blog post concerning creation of the new JM website. It was onerous, took a year, but now it’s awesome. We’re still working on the details, after all, our entire web contains over 20 000 words and we’re still dinging some gaps (for example the English version doesn’t launch until February). I can finally proudly hand out business cards, refer people on our web and present the portfolio. Furthermore, if I’m trying to explain someone anything about our services (people have usually no clue about functioning of online marketing and its tools), I just send out the link referring to our web, where people can find everything they need.

New Justmighty website webdesign

The New JM Web Design


We think Dribbble is without a doubt the best quality online community of designers and people of our branch in the world. To get in, it’s really hard. You need an invitation directly from a member of the community, who has already achieved something great and the membership is highly desired. Your reward lies in the possibility of public presentation of your portfolio, offering your services and communication with the people from the branch. Just to put you into perspective, just in 2014 the US studio Focus Lab got thanks to Dribbble  contracts worth 169 000 000 Kč. Boooom!!


dribbble invite

Pozvánka do komunity Dribbble

Key Contracts

I would like to mention few of our key contracts of this year. This selection doesn’t reflect just the financial value of the contract, but rather the entire contribution to Justmighty. These factors are for instance name of the client, mission and the client’s product, attractiveness of the project and new things we learned on the project, et cetera. Most of these contracts continue to the following year and their public appearance is yet to come.

Repromeda – Client we grew up with. We’re working together on beautiful projects and the biggest one will reach the public in March 2016. We’ve been working on that ever since the spring of 2015 and it’s gonna be beautiful. It might a website, it might be a video, or photos or it also might be everything combined.

Perfect Slim – It’s kinda close to my heart. It’s financial effect is quite low (I’m sorry George :-D), but I completely fell in love with the hand-drawn website and the brand. After all, I spent hours and hours on it and I fully applied my illustration skills that you can only hardly ever use in the world of selling webs.

Face-Up Online Marketing – The man who owns the project has a good soul. He created a product that revolutionary changes the blemishing faces of adolescents and it’s really important to convince people it works. And so we’re convincing people all over Europe and the project is a huge success. It’s likely even you saw our commercial spots.

Futbalito – this project is still at the beginning but the guys we work with are the real dream clients. Working with them is like a public holiday and the official mobile app of a small scale football will hopefully fulfill our joint work days over the entire year 2016.

What we really messed up

Our own projects – this year, we were unable to run a single new project. We just don’t have the time and working for our clients is more important. Many of those projects are at various levels of production and their time won’t come until 2016. However, it could have been sooner.

Exponet Website – don’t get me wrong. It’s one of the best and technologically evolved projects we’ve ever worked on. But the high technical difficulty of the single solutions took its toll on time we dedicated to it. The work has unpleasantly prolonged and completely broke down our schedule in the spring of this year. The client received certain financial compensation at the invoicing.

We lost an important client – due to wrong communication from our side and a strong incompatibility between us and the client, we had to end our cooperation at the end of the year. We could (should) have handled it better, but we were just not right for each other.

Repeated Hack Attacks on one of our client’s website – somebody just doesn’t like our client or it just might a set of bad coincidences, but despite of increasing security measures and further solutions of the situation, the web was a subject to more and more frequent attacks, which resulted in ongoing fallouts and our client was losing important clients. Eventually we solved the situation and since one moment, those attacks didn’t repeat themselves. Even that had an effect on our schedule in the middle of the year and it also really harmed Marco’s sleep.

To conclude, I would like to thank our clients, suppliers, employees and my partner who really pissed me off several times this year. But despite that I like him and there would be no such thing without him. Peace.