Brisket or a salad? Justmighty and the healthy lifestyle

Does it work together? We are still learning, but we think it does.

Lenka Hrnčířová

I would have never believed that sitting by the computer all day can be so difficult. We are slowly starting to get all of the other people, whose job is behind a desk. I now understand complains about neck pain and headaches. Our office is no exception and we’re coming up with various ways how to get seated comfortably so that one can remain in the certain position longer than two minutes. Lukas found the ways and I reckon he gave the term “sit behind the computer” a completely new dimension (see the picture :D). While Lukas is really physically gifted and is able to put legs behind his neck, others have chosen a bit more comfortable option and that is our sofa. After lunch there is often a line and so you have to wait for a while to get there. It sometimes happens that Marco can’t leave his eyes open, falls asleep and the sofa is taken for over an hour. Don’t take this the wrong way, it is no laziness, but it is definitely better to sleep for one hour rather than yawning until the evening.

Lukáš Augusta behind the computer

Lukáš Augusta behind the computer

Tomáš Pohl in the lying position

Tomáš Pohl in the lying position

We vote for a salad

We are those kinds of people who like to think about what they eat and so we experience various lifestyle periods in the office. There are basically two periods. In the first one we care about exercising and so we work out regularly (we even get the month gym membership).  In the shops we check every label, just in case there are more fats and fewer proteins than we need. For dinner, we get water instead of a cold beer and instead of a roasted duck we prefer a healthy salad. In this period, we tend to follow various latest trends, such as the lunch box diet. Me and Marcel, we even got a part in a promotional video for a firm called Back2Life. This firm is our client and specializes on healthy food and selling lunch boxes. You can watch the video below 🙂

How about getting a beer with the brisket?

No one can be surprised that the second period is the exact opposite to the first one. It’s the time of “pigging out”. For a snack, we get to buy whatever we please and we don’t care its content of sugar is ten times higher than it should be. Since our month gym membership is about to expire, we are much more familiar to waiters in local restaurants rather than to gym receptionists and for dinner, instead of a sparkling water, we wash down the roasted duck with a nice cold beer (or sometimes four). We simply love good food.

What is important is that we always do this together. If somebody orders a roasted duck for lunch, it is quite difficult to have a salad. That’s one of the reasons why these two periods keep changing – because somebody always starts cheating on the healthy lifestyle.

A final piece of advice for workers behind a desk

Eat healthy food, exercise four times a week and pig out at least once a week so that you get to enjoy the life. It’s as simple as that. You just need to make the time for that. And that’s the most precious thing we have. But if we do make the time for that, all the neck pain, the beer belly, those headaches and the strong feelings of tiredness… all of that will go away. And that’s the period we like. And we hope that we can stick with it. Right now, we are really looking forward to another cheating in the form of a burger, for instance.