The story of how I, Lukáš Huvar joined the team

I do the Back-end development and projects of Justmighty

Lukáš Huvar

It was right at the end of the year when I realized that my current lifestyle doesn’t fit me anymore and I’ve come to conclusion to make a radical change. I wanted to get into a group of people who are serious about themselves and want to achieve something big. I’ve exchanged a few words …

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The story of how I, Lenka Hrnčířová, joined the team

The women element that the guys really needed

Lenka Hrnčířová

At the end of February I started thinking about the fact, that I have my state exams in just couple of months (ok, I was rather panicking than thinking). I used to think, that everything will remain the same, even my job. However back then I had no idea that by the end of February …

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The new office and its reconstruction (part two)

The story of how we re-arranged everything our own way

Tomáš Pohl

The beginning of the preparations We are creative but we are secured in the two-dimensional space. The reconstruction called for somebody more experienced in the interior design. We had a certain concept and a vision in our minds but at the same time we were ready to give someone a free hand to express him …

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The new office and its reconstruction (part one)

The story of how we decided to move

Tomáš Pohl

It’s September 2014, 2 p.m., the sunlight hits my eyes and I’m starting to get the feeling that my working place is not motivating me enough for the right performance. That’s a shame because I chose and designed this place by myself. I can feel it in the air that I need a change to …

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