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We are a webdesign studio of digital crafts. We make creative brands, produce unique webs that know how to sell, and we promote projects online.

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What we do all day

We paint, design, promote, code, develop, take photos, edit videos, copywrite. Sometimes we also eat, sleep and live.

A digital studio which produces a creative brand and identity

Brand & Identity

Branding or visual identity is the cornerstone of every good project. It expresses its nature, breathes in the style and originality and sets it apart from the competitors. We make identity (logos, typography, colors, icons, illustrations), business and promotion printed materials and more. We make clear, functional and harmonious designs.

A high-quality webdesign makes unique websites

Webdesign and Development

We create the made-to-measure websites that clearly fulfill the predefined target and present companies and their products. We devise the web, design it, code it, complete it with our own photos and videos, launch it and look after it. Our webdesign is fully responsive, functional and oriented towards turning visitors into customers.

An internet agency offering online marketing

Internet marketing

Launching a website is just the beginning. A website without visitors is useless. What you need is internet marketing, which brings relevant visitor to your website, who will buy your product. We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (pay-per-click) and much more.

Our Services

The Justmighty Story

We’re young, creative, trendy and enthusiastic people, who love their job. We all do what we enjoy the most and what we’re best at. Together, we create products that make sense and have style. We’re not your typical design studio or an advertising agency, which you can find thousands of. We’re trying to excel with attention to detail and precision of our projects. We don’t do one project after another like on an assembly line. We only do a few projects a year so we can caress them.

Each of us has pursued his or her branch for several years. We got together step by step in 2013, when we started with small projects. We gradually followed the right direction. Our team has been growing up and today we sit in a beautiful place that we styled ourselves and where we create unique projects that have helped tens of companies. From companies that have just begun to the biggest international ones. We do things our way and it pays off.

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Some of Our Work

We work primarily on big projects that we enjoy doing and that have a purpose. Look at a small sample of some of them. View Our Portfolio

Some of Our Beloved Clients

We cooperate with big (but even with small) companies in the field. We help start new projects but at the same time we also support the gigantic ones.

We love our clients, we spend a lot of time with them and together we invent beautiful things. And they love us, because we care for them and we increase not only the financial value of their projects.

What we did together

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